I have to say, 99% of the time I really like Club Pro Guy. I think that he is funny.  A great addition to remind us that we all need to really laugh. His antics on the Thursday Night Men’s league are great. Yesterday, however, was the 1% exception of his antics.

Club Pro Guy posted a video on his social media platforms on a “review” of Sqairz golf shoes. The “review” was nothing but a roasting from start to finish. While parts of this may have been factual.  The remainder was a complete degradation of the only shoe you will find on my feet when I’m on the course.


My Sqairz Back Story

I met the team at Sqairz at the PGA Show in January 2020. We sat down for over an hour talking about the construction of the shoes. The why behind the design.  Who it can help (everyone is that final answer). And a little bit about the Boston Red Sox.  They are from New England and I grew up there.

From the beginning Sqairz was different. They didn’t have a booth on the show floor. We met them in a conference room in what seemed to be the basement.  In a part of the convention center that I had never been to. They wanted to take the time and meet with people on a personal level and they did that very thing.

Bob, Jon, Dave and the rest of the team thought that they had a great product and I couldn’t agree more. Honestly, in a convention filled with the same stuff over and over it was a breath of fresh air. Not only to see something different but an improvement on a product that hadn’t been improved in years.

What did they do? Not only did they widen the golf shoe.  They used science to move the spikes to the pressure points in your foot for better balance and traction. If you understand the key to adding power and distance.  You know that it starts from the ground and works up. By moving the spikes you gained grip. This allows you to swing harder and faster. And, by squaring the toe it makes it easier to make sure you are perfectly aligned.

After leaving the show I couldn’t wait to try them on the course. After my first round I was hooked. They are now the only shoe I can wear on the course.

CPG’s Review

As I watched CPG’s post  and the way that he called out Nick Faldo, Bob, and the shoes I could only think about one thing. Who Paid You To Do This? It seemed to me that this was another shoe company taking an attack at them to make them look bad.  Sqairz has had a tremendous amount of success early on. They have been around for less than a year.  Sir Nick Faldo is wearing them.  Sepp Straka on the PGA Tour is also wearing them.

This seemed very personal. Calling out their “CEO” for his back story making him sound like a bad golfer was uncalled for. Now Bob’s handicap is none of our business but let me ask you CPG, if you could design something to that is a quality product and feel good wearing and help your game would you wear it? How many training aids do you have because they were supposed to help you lower scores? Ill wait.

I understand CPG adding humor to everything he does. While watching this I didn’t find really hear the humor in his voice. I heard some very tactical points being made.  It sounded like an agenda from another company trying to make an up and coming shoe company look bad. While this was done in the only fashion that CPG knows how to.  This wasn’t done to grow the game of golf.  It was done to to help who ever paid him feel good about themselves.  I’m sure they are all sitting in their offices watching this on repeat today.

Club Pro Guy made it a point to talk about Nick Faldo getting “hired” on by Sqairz to give them “credit as a Hail Mary.” Well this isn’t the Philadelphia Eagles trying to cover the spread. When Sir Nick came on board he did so as an investor in the company. So, while he is a “paid” spokesperson, Sqairz announced to the world when they brought him on that he was literally bought in.

So Who Paid CPG?

While I have my guess as to who it was that wrote the check payable to Mr. Guy, I am not going to say. Although I do find a lot of things very interesting.

I mean. There is a golf company that paid for CPG to do a recorded video skit for their annual sales meeting a few years ago.

And there was a major manufacturer that recently sponsored a video on his web page.  Jimmy Roberts was the announcer for that video. They also own a shoe company.

I just find it interesting that a company will stoop to the level of paying someone to not promote their own product but to slam one of their competitors. If you have to be that petty in competition, then your product must not be as good as you really think it is.

Or CPG, did they not want to give you a pair for cost plus and you were upset about that? Was that the real reason for the cheap shots?

Dads Say So

Yes, I love my Sqairz Golf Shoes. Sure, they may be on the heavier side of the golf shoe market but they are .1 oz off from the Tour 360 shoes that are worn by multiple PGA Tour Players. I love the feel that I have in them and the stability that they provide me when I am ready to give one the “Full Send.”

I will still continue to laugh at CPG for the stuff that he does. But you need to look at him just like he said about Nick Faldo. I mean, I don’t know about CPG’s financial situation (especially after winning the Thursday Night Men’s League) but it can’t be good. If you have to result to taking money from one company to call out one of their competitors, I mean My Golf Spy wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. It’s a red flag.

I just hope that CPG sticks to dominating TNML, getting some great letters from the USGA supporting the 14 club rule, avoiding Miguel’s wife’s cooking, showing us DJ’s power move from the Learning Center or helping everyone make their punch out game #elite. Let’s not lower our standards for the almighty dollar.

And if you are looking for a pair of Sqairz shoes, use the code CLUBPROGUY to get $20 off your pair.

By the way CPG, I don’t think it was the square toed cowboy boots that caused you to get in trouble in high school.

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