With the holidays approaching here are some amazing gift ideas for the golfer on your shopping list. 

Sqairz Golf Shoes

Every golfer is looking for more distance.  Most golfers think that they can change their driver out and they will hit it further.  Well, Sqairz has figured out how every golfer can add 7 yards of distance and save about $300.  The Sqairz golf shoes are the same shoes worn by 6-time Major Winner Nick Faldo and PGA Tour Player Sepp Straka.  They are square toed and allow you to not only make sure you are aligned correctly, but also give you more balance and support.  They have a better waterproof than any other shoe on the market as well.  With a variety of colors, you can find the right pair of Sqairz for you. $200 at Sqairzgolf.com



Desert Fox Golf Phone Holder

There are now 70% of golfers using their phones on the golf course.  They us it as either a GPS App or for listening to music.  Most golfers don’t have a spot to put their phone.  Desert Fox Golf has created a revolutionary cell phone holder that fixes all our problems.  The phone holder attaches easily to a cart frame, or umbrella stand on a pushcart, with a Velcro strap.  Your phone is always at your fingertips.   They come in Orange, Red, Grey, Blue and Pink.  If you want to add a special message or personalize it, they can help you out with that too.  They easily fit in any pocket in a golf bag and with their great design are almost indestructible.  If your golfer has a separate GPS unit from their phone there is plenty of room on the frame for 2 cases.  The cases start at $25 and they make a great stocking stuffer with their size.  Currently you can buy one and get a second on 25% off!  Get one for yourself and give one to your golf partner.  You can order them at desertfoxgolf.com

Liberty Ball Markers

Golfers tend to use a coin or golf tee to mark their golf ball or fix a pitch mark on the green.  These are boring and have no connection at all.  This is where Liberty Ball Markers steps in.   Liberty Ball Markers makes custom made divot tools and ball markers.  They can do any message you want on a ball marker, divot tool or golf bag tag.  You can get a matching set or make them different.  They also have some engraved markers with some different images on them as well.  The ball markers come in different sizes and in either a square or circle shape.   They also use a 3D printer.  This allows him to create some cool designs as well.  These fall into the category of good things come in small packages so you can put them in a stocking.  Prices start at $12.95 for the 3D printer items and $29.95 for custom items so it’s a great deal!  To order you can go to LibertyBallMarkers.com

Whole 9 Golf and Cigars Cart Organizer 

Every golfer has been there, you reach for your range finder where you normally put it and it isn’t there.  To avoid this Whole 9 Golf has created their Golf Cart Organizer.  This compact accessory holder is easy to use and keeps all of your items at arms reach.  You can put a range finder, cell phone, sunglasses, cigar accessories, wallet and keys or anything else you can think of in it.  It quickly attaches with suction cups to the windshield of your golf cart and folds up to fit in almost any golf bag pocket.  One of the cool things about the Golf Cart Organizer is you can get them in some cool designs or even personalize it (see picture).  This allows for an endless number of design features.  Starting at $20 this is a great addition to any golfer’s bag.  Whole9Golf.com

Dormie Workshop Headcovers

Headcovers on a golf bag make a statement for the player.  Dormie Workshop has made their name allowing you to make your own personality on your golf bag.   From the beginning the brothers at Dormie Workshop have been all about custom headcovers.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own designs on their website and they are cool.   All of their covers are made from the highest grade Italian Leather so you are getting the finest high grade leather so the headcovers will last FOREVER!  Currently they have their new Blackout edition and a couple new Master’s Edition.   If you don’t like what you see on Dormieworkshop.com then you can contact them on their website and they will make what ever custom cover you are looking for.   You can also find a couple of their covers at Dicks Sporting Goods.  If you need them last minute its an easy pick up.  If you are going to order new headcovers, make sure you order in advance for Christmas.  They are in Canada and it takes a couple extra days to get them delivered.  Starting at $85.

Stogies N Bogeys Cigar Holder

If your golfer enjoys a cigar or two on the golf course they have been in a spot where they don’t know where to put the cigar when they are hitting a shot.  Stogies and Bogeys has figured out the answer to this problem.  They hollow out a golf ball and add a pin to the middle of it.  It fits in the golf ball holder or tee holder in your golf cart.  If you walk you can put it in the ground and put your cigar in it too.  The cool part about the Stogies and Bogeys Cigar Holder is you can order a standard one off their web site stogienbogeys.com for only $20.  They also have plenty of other accessories to add to your holiday order so you can do plenty of shopping all in one spot. Stogiesnbogeys.com




MNML Golf Bags

When you have a name like MNML you would think that you have a golf bag that is stripped down to the bare minimum.  Well, that is the farthest from the truth.  The MNML Golf Bag not only comes with a 4 way divider and 3 pockets but it packs a lot more than that.  With their media package you add a solar power charger and a Bluetooth speaker.  On a lightweight bag with this many accessories it is truly the best bag I have every tested for anyone that walks.  Being as lightweight as it is with two amazing straps your back will never hurt.  The MNML Golf Bag comes in both black and white.   It can be customizable with names and logos on it, so you can get the perfect bag for you.  $269.00 with the tech kit for your phone on MNMLGolf.com

SkyCaddie LX5 GPS Smart Watch

If you like to wear a watch on the golf course you should probably wear a watch that can help you shoot lower scores.  SkyCaddie has added their amazing GPS technology to some wearable technology in a new smart watch  The new LX5  GPS Smart Watch.  This touch screen watch has all of the same benefits of their SX400 or SX500 hand held units but in a much smaller an better priced device.  It will give you not only the yardage but also the overhead view of the hole, green slopes and the ability to keep your score all on your wrist.  The watch is very light weight as well, so you don’t feel it on your wrist.  Currently SkyCaddie is running a special that will give you $20 off for the holidays.  That makes the watch $279 until December 31, 2020.   The LX5 C which is their Ceramic Bezel model is also $20 off at 329.  This makes this almost impossible to pass up at such a great price.  SkyGolf.com to order yours today. 




Gustbuster Umbrella

If you are going to give a golfer a new umbrella for Christmas you should give them the best.  GustBuster makes the best umbrella on the market for golfers and everyday use.  Their double canopy top wont flip up in the wind so you are certain to stay dry in the worst of the rain and wind.  I do prefer the larger 68 inch Pro Series Gold Golf umbrella on my golf bag for that extra protection.  You can order one in 8 different colors so it will match the golf bag correctly.  Their golf umbrellas start at $60 on GustBuster.com or you can pick them up at your local Dicks Sporting Goods!


Uther Towels

Uther Towels invented the golf towels with a statement and not only do they look great they are the best towels in golf.  Their waffle weave design easily removes dirt away from the club face and the towels stay wet your entire round.  If you are looking for an expressive towel you have come to the right place.  They have a patriotic, ice cream, toucan or many other designs you there is a towel for you.  They have a tour and cart size towel for every golfer and not only can you find them on their website but also at your local Dicks Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy.  Pricing starts at only $25.

Dash Caddie

If you own a golf cart or are looking for more organization in your golf cart look no further than the Dash Caddie.  This case t connects to your steering wheel column (or in the cup holder), holds all of your items in one easy location.  It securely closes so that nothing will fall out.  You can keep your extra golf balls, phone, range finder, gps device, tees, ball markers or divot tools and organize it how you like.  If you own a cart or know someone that does this is best gift you can get them.  If they don’t have own a cart but ride a lot it is easy to take to and from the course and quickly attach to make their life easier. Check out DashCaddie.com for a Black Friday special, a little bird said it will be $89.99.







RZN Golf Balls

Earlier this year we met the team from RZN golf at the PGA Show and were impressed from the start.  RZN is back in the golf ball market and they make an amazing golf ball.  If you’re looking for a golf ball and are not wanting to break the bank you need to go to rzngolf.com.  With prices starting at $11.99 a dozen you are sure to find the ball for you at the best price!  

Big Max IP Blade Push Cart

For those of you that walk the course and don’t like carrying your bag the Big Max IP Blade Push Cart is the only one for you.  It folds up to about 6 inches wide for easy storage at home or in the trunk of your car.  Its quality, lightweight construction allows it to be moved around the course with ease.  It makes your bag very accessible.  This is a great gift for the high school golfer on your list as it is easy to travel with and easy for them to set up before their round too.  $349 at us.bigmaxgolf.com

Evolve Golf Tees

The one accessory that I never go to the course without is my Evolve Epoch Golf Tees.  These biodegradable tees will reduce spin off the tee.  This will add distance to your shots.  They also are really hard to break so you can go 18 holes with the same tee round after round.  These come in a great package as a stocking stuffer (just ask my wife cause she usually gets them for me).  They come in some cool colors that are all available on evolvegolf.com.  They start at $6.95.  Add a pair of their motionwool socks for an even better gift.  




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