It is time for the annual The Golfing Dads Father’s Day Gift guide.  Below is my pick for some amazing items that not only will dad enjoy but could also help him become a better golfer.

Sacks Parente Putters

Sacks Parente Putters are a relatively new name into the putter industry.  Just over 2 years old their Ultra Low Balance Point technology gets the ball rolling faster with less skid.  This allows dad to have better speed on his putts and a better chance to Make More Putts (it says that on their Series 66 Putter).  The have 3 different blade models and 2 mallet designs.  Currently they are doing a special with discounted pricing through the end of the year so it is a great time to pick on up online at or at your local Club Champion.  

Sqairz Golf Shoes

Your feet connect you to the ground in your golf swing.  The better you are connected to the ground the harder you can swing and stay in balance.  Sqairz golf shoes allow dad to not only stay connected to the ground but to be more comfortable doing it and will help him align easier to his target line.  With their patented Sqairz toe it makes it easier to line up each and every shot.  With the wider toe area the foot is not bunched up and dad will be more comfortable on, and off, the course.  Go to and order a pair today.  They even come with a free pair of socks.  

Desert Fox Golf Phone Holder

There is that moment every dad has had looking for their phone in their golf cart.  With the Desert Fox Golf Phone Holder he will never have to panic again.  It will be attached to his cart frame so he can easily see when you call him to bring home a new toy when he is playing golf (that has happened more than once to me).  I have 2 of them on my cart for both my phone and my SkyCaddie SX 500 (see below for that).  They come in Orange, Red, Grey, and Pink so make sure you pick dads favorite color.

Liberty Ball Markers

I love my custom golf accessories.  Liberty Ball Markers is the best there is when it comes to ball markers and divot tools.  It will make dads day to get a matching divot tool and ball marker with his kids names on it.  They can come in brass or aluminum and with the custom paint fill colors you can design the perfect one!  Order now at

MNML Golf Bag

If dad walks a lot on the course you should really do something to lighten his load on his back so it isn’t sore when you are trying to get him to do something with you.   MNML golf bags has come up with the best solution for that.  MNML Golf has created a Sunday Style Golf Bag that has 3 magnetic pockets on it, plenty of room for 14 clubs and comes included with a bluetooth speaker and a solar charger on the bag.  It comes in black or white and you can add his name or if he has a logo they can do that too. 

Uther Towels

Until a couple years ago I always used a hotel towel on my golf bag to clean my clubs or balls.  That was until I found Uther Supply golf towels and my life changed forever, and so will your dads.  These amazing micorfiber towels not only hold water great but the different designs will make sure dad is in style on the course.  The cool part is you can find them at your local Dicks Sporting Goods or Golf Galaxy.  I think my next one is going to be their new Ice Cream Drip towel.

Dormie Workshop Headcovers

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen my amazing headcovers.  All of them come from Dormie Workshop.  The Golf Digest Rated Best Leather Headcover Manufacturer 4 years in a row will design and make dad an amazing cover to add to his bag.  If you want to make a Number One Dad cover they can do that.  I have my hybrid covers that have both of my kids names on them.  If you are struggling in coming up with an idea you can reach out to them and their design team will make your vision come to reality.

SkyCaddie SX400 or SX500

Give dad the most information available right in the palm of his hand with the SkyCaddie SX400 or SX500 GPS Unit.  The SX400 is about the size of a standard iPhone while the SX500 is like an iPhone Plus.  Both devices have a touch screen that allows dad to get all of the information necessary for each shot.  A couple of my favorite features are the ability to see the slopes in greens for approach shots and putts as well as the stats area where you keep your score.  While I have not used it on the course I have seen the new LX5 watch that has all of the technology in the hand held units on dads wrist.  Check out today!


Everyone that knows me that my cart always has my AMPCADDY mounted somewhere on the frame.  And dad will love to have one on his cart too.  This great bluetooh speaker comes in 15 and 40 watts and will connect to any smart phone.  It is the best golf speaker on the market and dad will look forward to cranking up the tunes while he plays his next round.

Dash Caddie

If your dad is always looking for tees, balls, rangefinder, his glove, ball markers, divot tools or any of his other golf accessories then the Dash Caddie is for him.  The Dash Caddie mounts onto the steering wheel frame on his cart and has all of items at an easy access when he needs them.  If dad owns his own cart and doesn’t have one this is a need.  If he doesn’t own a cart I suggest keeping the mounting bracket connected (it comes apart of storage) and he can take it to and from the course and connect it easily to his cart.

Stogies and Bogeys Cigar Holder

If your dad loves to smoke cigars on the golf course he is probably always trying to figure out where to put it when he is going to hit his next shot.  Stogies and Bogeys has fixed this problem with a golf ball and tee.  They make a hollowed out golf ball on a tee.  This way dad can put his cigar in so he doesn’t have to leave it on the ground.  You can put the tee in a tee slot in the cart (or in the ground if he is walking) or twist it off and put it in the ball holder on the cart and his cigar will never have to touch the ground.  You can also send them dads favorite golf ball and they will turn it into a holder.

RZN Golf Balls

If golf balls are your go to gift for dad look no further than  These golf balls quickly became my favorite ball I have ever used and you will always find them in my bag.  You can order them today for as between $20 and $35 a dozen so they are priced right for golfing dads and they have the performance of the more expensive tour balls.  I really like the 3 piece MS Tour ball and it is what I play.  Order yours at

Big Max Blade IP Push Cart

If dad likes to walk on the course and not carry his golf bag the Big Max Blade IP Push Cart is for him.  This cart folds up to about 4 inches wide and stores very easily in the back of any car.  Its light weight design is easy to use.  It can accommodate any golf bag from a Sunday Bag to a full Staff Bag.  Golf Digest has also rated this the best push cart on the market so you can’t go wrong with that as well.

GustBuster Umbrella

Here in Florida the rainy season has begun.  The worst part of playing this time of year is getting caught without an umbrella.  If dad is going to get caught in the rain he should have the best protection possible in a GustBuster Umbrella.   They make the majority of the PGA Tour umbrellas and they should be making the one on your dads bag too.  Their great design will not allow them to flip over.  Their size will keep dad and has golf clubs dry for every shot.  The golf umbrellas come in a 62 or 68 inch design and multiple colors so you can match dads bag.

All 19 Holes

If you always buy dad a new golf shirt for Father’s Day go and check out All 19 Holes.  Their ECO Friendly shirts are made from recycled bottles from oceans and landfills.  Their moisture wicking material is amazingly soft.  Its also looks great on and off the golf course.  If you can look great and help the environment you are really doing some amazing things.

Total Golf Trainer

If dad is struggling with his swing the Total Golf Trainer is the gift for him.  There are 3 parts to the Total Golf Trainer.  The arm helps the wrist from breaking down creating the perfect takeaway.  The V2 creates lag to add more power and distance to his game.  The hip will create proper hip rotation to get your swing in sync and add more distance as well.  I do suggest the TGT 3.0 Training Kit.  I t comes with their hip, arm and V2 and comes with a nice carrying kit.


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