Indi Golf made a splash in the golf industry with their wedges.  Their high toe design and groove design made the wedges easy to use.  They took the same approach in designing putters.  This year at the PGA Show they debuted their two new putters, the Allison and the Ramone.  The Allison is their mallet, while the Ramone is their offset blade.  looked at both of the putters at the show I really wanted to review the Allison as I felt that it could really help the average golfer improve their score with the mallet design.


The Design

Both putter designs are made of the same material, airplane grade aluminum.  They come in a matte black and satin chrome finish.  That is the basics of the putter.  There is a lot more of detail in the putter that you can’t see.  

Before I explain this, I have to tell you that I was skeptical in the putter before I used it.  I had used aluminum putters before and didn’t find a lot of success.  I found them to be too soft and I felt like I needed to hit putts harder to get balls to the hole and not leave them short.  

To correct this, Indi Golf moved weighting to the heel and toe of the putter on the edge.  This did a couple things.  First, it increased the MOI up in the putter.  Second, it spread out the sweet spot for them.  This is great for amateurs as well as highly skilled players.  While tour players hit the ball in the sweet spot 100% of the time, they are not the norm.  When you miss the sweet spot it effects the roll and line.  They have helped overcome this!

On The Course

When I got the putter on the course I found it easy to line up with the 2 alignment lines on the putter that are the width of the golf ball.  This made it easy to make sure the face was lined up with your intended line so you can start the ball on line.  

The weight distribution is great.  With the positions of the weights you don’t feel like the putter is heavier on one side as opposed to the other side.  Now, if you are used to a putter with interchangeable weights and having the toe hang side heavier to keep the toe 

moving, this will not be the putter for you.  You are not able to change the weights out to make them heavier.  However, you can add lead tape easily to get the same effect.  

The other great part of the putter is you don’t need to change anything in your set up or stroke to use it.  I gave the putter to my father to try and the first hole he used it on he made a 30 foot putt for par.  That is always a great sign for a putter.  


The only thing I really wish they would change is the head cover.  I prefer magnets to Velcro covers but, I don’t ever use the standard cover on the club anyway so it isn’t a big deal.  

Dads Say So

The Indi Golf Allison putter is a great addition to the Indi Golf Family.  Starting with the great wedges and transitioning to the putter and giving the every day player a chance to improve.  The larger sweet spot and improved weight distribution will give you more consistency on miss hits and golf is a game of who misses it the best wins.  If you are a new golfer looking to get more consistent, a mid to high handicap golfer looking to make more putts, or a scratch golfer looking to shave even more strokes off your game look no further than and order your putter today.   


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