In 2011, Rock Ishi and the golf design team at Nike changed the way they made golf balls.  They started making the RZN ball.  The RZN ended up changing the way a lot of people thought about golf balls.  This ball line created a cult following and was the centerpiece of one pretty impressive chip shot.  

This year, walking into the main doors at the PGA Show you couldn’t miss one of the first booths on the floor.  In big letters it said RZN!

Based on the history of the ball, I had to go over and have some conversations.  RZN got the patents from Nike and have improved this great ball. 

 They have 4 lines of balls out there now.  A 3 and 4 piece tour ball and two 2-piece balls for feel and distance in the game improvement line.  


About the RZN MS-Tour

On it says: “RZN MS-Tour is a three piece tour performance golf ball with soft urethane cover and 3D speed lock technology. Designed with state of the art technology of the RZN Brand. Expect a soft and powerful tour ball targeted for Medium Swing speeds players.”  

They also say to expect the following:

  • Long Distance on ALL long Irons, Woods and Driver
  • Our Lowest Compression Tour Core Formulation –soft feel on all shots.
  • Good Control all around the green
  • Reduced Air Drag due to Micro Dimple Surface
  • High Grip in Wet Conditions
  • Bigger Alignment for easier aiming while putting

Now my swing speed is around 105 mph.  So if you are looking for a comparison you can judge off of that.    

Testing the RZN MS-Tour

After doing some testing I was very impressed with the 3 piece ball, the RZN MS-Tour.  For someone who does put a lot of spin on the golf ball to begin with, to find a ball that doesn’t spin too much and flies amazing.  

The best part about this ball was how it reacted in the wind.  In a cross wind it flew great and held its line.  Down wind the ball did react as expected.  The best results that I found with it were into the wind.  The best part about this ball was that it didn’t balloon and it flew straighter and held its line.  It didn’t spin too much.  This is a huge bonus for any player.  

Around the green I found a lot of similarities to a firmer tour ball.  This was great for me.  It didn’t take me long to get used to the grab and roll out.  It reacted the same all the time.  Out of the sand, rough fairway or fringe the ball was easy to trust from the first time I tested it.  

Putting with the RZN MS-Tour was great for me.  Now I have to tell you…I don’t use an alignment line on my golf ball.  When I did I focused too much on my line.  I look at the blank side of the ball when I putt.  But, if you use the alignment line RZN has taken it to the next level.  They have a wider and longer line so you don’t have to worry about putting the line on your ball.  This is a huge bonus.  You don’t have to worry about marking one on your ball.  Or it wiping off of it!

Dads Say So

I have tested a lot of new balls as they have come out onto the market.  This is the best ball I have tested period.  From ball feel, to flight, to putting this is the best ball for me!  That being said, RZN, and their line of golf balls have created a ball that is perfect for you!  Currently their ball line is only available on  Coming soon you should be able to find them at your favorite golf retailer.  The MS-Tour will retail for and amazing $29.99.  For a tour quality ball that is the best ball I have tested you will find that price hard to beat.  I don’t think it will be long before you see the RZN in every golf shop out and in bags on the PGA Tour!  

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