Daniel Pusilo, our great friend at Ace of Clubs Golf Company has been messing around with some new stuff recently and came up with the idea of using cork to make scorecard holders, yardage book covers, and cash covers. Ace of Clubs Golf Company has made a name for themselves making fine leather accessories with a great look at a very reasonable price and these are no different.

In getting the scorecard holder, Daniel had sent us one with our logo engraved on the cover. It looks awesome on there and doesn’t take away from the cork texture. The cool looking Ace of Clubs logo is in the bottom right hand corner and is a nice touch to the holder.

When you open the scorecard holder there is a slot on the left hand side for the scorecard to slide into place and a strap on the right hand page to hold it from moving. Along the right hand edge there is a spot for your pencil to hold in place so you don’t lose it.  Click here to see our video of it.

As we went though our round we took the cover in and out of our pocket on every hole to mark our score down and the cover worked great. There was never a problem with it and the scorecard was protected in your back pocket and there were no problems with the pencil falling out. The cork really held up well and we love the look of it.

The really cool thing about cork is that the material is renewable so it is a product that you don’t have to worry about running out of long term. This is huge for production.  With the double layers and the stitching you wont have to worry about the cover breaking or tearing on you at all.  

Dads Say So, Ace of Clubs Golf Company has another hit on their hands. The Cork Collection is a great product and the ability to engrave a cool logo or anything else you want on it is great. They will be the talk of all of your friends on the course when you use them and when you tell them that the yardage book cover and scorecard cover are on $39 and the cash cover is $29, you can’t beat the price (engraving will cost a little more). You may see their yardage book cover soon on the PGA Tour as Kyle Thompson and Kyle Stanley both have them and will be putting them into play. It will be awesome to see them out there. To order yours, go to aceofclubsgolfco.com and get yours today!

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