A couple weeks ago Steve played in a charity golf tournament that benefited Christel House a charity that benefits underprivileged children around the world in providing them education so that they can provide a future for themselves. As we talked about playing in events like this are good to do as they help give back!

This past week Steve had an opportunity through his job to play in a miniature golf tournament that was a fundraiser for that very same charity. It was a great event that gave people who may not necessarily play golf get that golf bug that all of us have for the game we love so much.

Sure it was hot but for a $10 donation, going to a great cause, you could be entered into the tournament. They also had raffle tickets that you could purchase and for $10 you could get 3 raffle tickets. Prizes that they had were hotel stays, Yeti Coolers, rounds of golf for 4, and gift cards.

The winner shot a score of 2 under par and got a 3 day 2 night hotel stay, second place won a Yeti Cooler and third place won a round of golf for 4 at Gainsville Country Club. Steve came in third so we look forward to doing a review of a great Donald Ross layout coming soon. On a side note the 2 people finishing a head of Steve did use their own putters and Steve used the putter provided at the course. But you can’t win them all.

The day was a lot of fun and we saw a lot of people out there playing miniature golf for the first time. This made The Golfing Dads feel great to see the game growing and bringing new people out to possibly get bit by the golf bug.

Dads Say So charity golf tournaments are a lot of fun to play in. They do struggle to get non-golfers out to play. By doing something like a charity miniature golf tournament you allow the masses to get involved and help donate money to a great cause. Donating to charity is almost a civic duty for those who can. It is a great thing to do and when you involve an event in order to get people to participate it makes for a better cause. Companies who do things like not only have a golf tournament but also a miniature golf tournament in order to generate more money to donate are thinking outside the box to do different things to involve everyone and should be commended.

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