Belts are a great way to express yourself.  They can jazz up and pop an outfit really quickly and add some personality to it.  Today were going to talk about a company out there that can help you become the Rickie Fowler of the belt game.  

SKIMP Belts makes an awesome belt that is made out of recycled materials.  The belts come in a wide array of colors so that you can add that personality on your waist.  They also come with 2 matching belt loops so that you can diversify the belt and make it match what ever your wearing.  

SKIMPBbelts are over 55 inches in length and in following the simple, easy to follow instructions and a pair of scissors you can cut the the belts to what ever length you need for it to fit. There are even easy to see markings on the belt as to where you should trim them.  All you have to do is take off your belt, wrap the SKIMP Belt around you and check where you need to cut it.  

The buckles are made from a recycled poly blend that are very solid.  They are not flimsy and they won’t break while your wearing them.  This is a tremendous feature of these amazing belts.

With the belts being made of the recycled plastic you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain.  You just need to wipe them off and they are like new.  Water won’t damage them at all which is a huge benefit if you tend to get caught in the rain when you play.  We say this from experience as we live in the lightening capital of the world.  

Dads Say So golf belts can be expensive depending on where you get them from.  If you are looking to really make a pop with your belt and not just blend in with the crowd, you need to go and get a SKIMP Belt.  You can find them by visiting our friends at for only $29.00.  To add some color to your wardrobe or buy a gift for your friends who like to be noticed when they are teeing it up it’s a bargain.  If you are looking to match that orange hat or red shorts you need to check them out and get one now.  We wear SKIMP Belts and you should too.    

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