Last week it seemed every player in the field of the US Open had a special themed bag from their manufacturer to commemorate the USA and they were all Red, White and Blue.  Some of those bags were going for as much as $600 online.  We tested a bag that will do the same thing for you and you can own it for $134!  

Hot-Z Golf makes an awesome USA Cart bag.  The bag celebrates the American Flag and has U.S.A. embroidered on each side.  The ball pouch even has the stars and stripes right on it for everyone to see.  

There are 8 total pockets on the bag.  There is a very deep valuables pocket that is fur lined.  The pocket for your range finder is very deep and can hold your range finder plus plenty of other items.  

The side pockets have plenty of room in them for rain gear and anything else you want to put in there.  They will still provide you easy access to get anything out while on the cart. 

The Cooler Pocket has enough room for you to put a 6 pack of 12 oz cans of your favorite beverage and still have room for ice.  It will also hold an over-sized water bottle and have plenty of extra room for your favorite sports drink.  Steve can put his arm up to his elbow inside the cooler pocket.  

The towel hook has a Velcro patch holding it to the bag so you can put your glove there in between shots.  We really like this and they made it a part of the bag so it doesn’t take away from how awesome the bag looks.  

There is a scorecard holder on the side of the bag that is big enough to hold an IPhone 7 Plus in it.  This is great if you walk and use a push cart so you can have easy access to your phone if you use it for your GPS on the course.  

The top of the bag has a 14 way divided top that includes an over-sized putter holder for the over-sized putter grips out there.  We found no problem getting clubs into and out of the bag and they are very easy to find once they are in the bag.  

There are 2 sturdy handles on top so if you use a beach towel to keep your golf ball and clubs clean you can loop it through one of them and you will never lose it.  

One of the best features of the bag is the construction.  Many cart bags have a hard shell inside them to protect the clubs.  This adds weight to the bag and also makes them bulky and cumbersome to carry in from the parking lot.  There is no shell in this bag so when you put it on your shoulder if fits like a carry bag does and is just as easy to carry.  

The only thing that we found on the bag that we thought could be improved is the umbrella holder is just a string up top and a catch strap at the bottom.  We prefer a sleeve to hold the umbrella as the string tends to wear down over time and this is just a back up and makes holding the umbrella easier.  This is a personal preference for us and other people out there will not have any issue with this.  

If you have not checked out Hot-Z Golf you need to!  Not only do they have this sweet cart bag (they make a stand version also) but they carry red white and blue gloves, umbrellas, towels and headcovers. They also carry bags for all of the branches of the military so if you are looking for a bag as a gift for someone who served our country you can find one from the branch they served in and get a great bag for them at a very reasonable price.  

Dads Say So if you are in the market for a new golf bag and want to be patriotic you need to go to and order yours for $134.  This bag is a steal at that price.  While you are there check out their other bags, push carts and other accessories to jazz up your golf game.  This bag design came as a very surprising and impressive design and we are really happy about that.  Based on the price and quality of the construction we know that when we are in the market for a new bag we will be looking at first to find our bag.  We may need to get one with logo on it so everyone knows we are around working on our  next review.  

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