Every professional sports league has adopted drug testing for performance enhancing drugs. There have been a lot of rumors on the PGA Tour of players using HGH but that can’t be checked in a simple urine test.

After golf was admitted into the Olympics they were urged by the International Olympic Committee to adopt blood testing as it is a standard for the Olympics. Today it was announced that beginning this fall the tour will start conducting blood test with the start of the 2017-2018 wrap around schedule.

Something else that was slid into the announcement today has been something that the media has been almost demanding from the tour. They are going to start announcing suspensions and if they are drug related. not just hiding behind a player “taking a leave” or not showing up.

This was a hot button issue a few years ago when Dustin Johnson took a leave of absence at the end of the year missing the PGA Championship, FedEx Cup Playoffs and The Presidents Cup to work on personal issues. The big story was that he had tested positive for cocaine but no one would say anything about it because the tour didn’t announce suspensions. They were the only professional sports tour at that point who didn’t.

There have always been people who have questioned players like Tiger and Rory for their use of PED’s based on their size. Sure many of them are haters because they hate to see players doing well and dominating like they have.

Dads Say So that we would like to commend the PGA Tour for finally joining every other league in adopting blood testing. We also look forward to them making the first announcement on who is going to get suspended for drugs, be it recreational or performance enhancing. Kids today need to know that their hero’s are legit and doing it above board and the right way. While cheating to get a head may pay now it will not pay in the long run and players in any sport need to be held accountable.

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