Recently we tested the MLA Golf Tour Classic Putter. At first look the putter has some strange looking non traditional lines on it that someone may think look very crazy. We’re here to tell you that it may be the best new invention in putters to date.

The model we tested was 34 inches long and came with a Winn Pistol Grip, putter cover and weight kit included. The putter comes with two 5 gram weights already installed and the kit includes 10 and 15 gram weights that can be changed out with the included wrench.

We first tested the putter on our roll out putting green in the living room and then did on course testing as well. This putter had some amazing results.

First the shaft has been moved to a point between heel and center shafted. This was different for us as we all use heel shafted putters but by the location of the shaft it makes finding the sweet spot on the putter easier as you can line the edge of the ball up with the edge of the shaft.

The while “line” on top of the club is the exact width of a golf hole. We wondered how it would look when we were over the ball but we found this to be a very easy way to help line up the putter to the intended line and the ball always started on our intended line. This is a huge win in lining up the putter.

There is a milled face that feels great and very responsive. We found that if you increased the weights in the bottom it did firm up the face a little bit but found it very easy to control the distance the ball went.

The Winn Grip has been designed for MLA Golf and is black with green and white writing on it. If you are used to using a different grip other than the Winn Pistol you may have some issues with the grip but that can easily be fixed by changing out the grip. MLA does offer a Forward Grip option as well on their putters.

The putter cover is black leather with green and silver stitching on it. It has their slogan #1 Aim stitched into the top of it (we like that they created their own hashtag for you to always remember). Another bonus to the putter cover is the closure is magnetic. The magnets stick really well so you don’t have to worry about the cover falling off.

Dads Say So if you are in the market for a new putter and you don’t test an MLA Golf Putter out you are crazy.  Not only is this the best new putter on the market but it very well may be the best putter we have ever used.  If you struggle with squaring the face to the intended line this needs to be the one and only putter you consider. The MLA Golf putter we tested is $299 but that is the market for putters these days for a good putter. Its the one club in the bag you use on every hole.  The MLA Golf Tour Classic is a difference maker in your weekly matches and you will make up the money you spend taking it back when you roll in putt after putt and take your buddies money. To get yours go to to order it or stop by your golf retailer today. If your serious about getting better get the #1 Aim putter and put it in your bag!

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