Its that time of year again.  Time to figure out what the golfer in your life needs to get for Christmas.  TheGolfingDads are here to help you with your choices.

This year we are doing an advent calendar with 24 items sure to make any golfer happy.  

1) Desert Fox Golf Phone Holder

The number 4 golf accessory on Amazon, The Desert Fox Golf Phone Holder is always on my golf cart and I am trying to figure out why it isnt on every golfers cart.  Phones are almost as important on the course as a golf tee is and having the phone at your finger tips makes it easier for everyone.  Getting the yardage on your app, listening to music, or watching a game it makes your life so much easier on the course.  They also have some really cool colors so you can find one that will match your style.

2) Liberty Ball Markers 

I love customization.  Any chance I have have to add something that is custom to any of my bag it is going to get done.  Weather its a ball marker or divot tool Liberty Ball Markers will make the best quality custom ball markers and divot tools PERIOD!  I have given divot tools to my father for Christmas with his grand kids names on them and it was a HUGE hit with him.  I know it will be a huge hit for anyone getting a ball marker or divot tool custom just for them.

3) Dormie Workshop Headcovers

Speaking of custom…Dormie Workshop has been “Custom since day one.”  They make the best leather headcovers in the business.  They also make some amazing other accessories for on and off the golf course.  While their custom orders do take a little longer to produce from design to finish they have some amazing covers on their site for purchase.  If you are a hockey fan they are officially licensed with the NHL so they have a cover with your favorite team on it.  Their covers are a conversation piece to say the least.  With the way that they ship them you will not even need to put gift wrapping over it (this is great for me cause I suck at wrapping).  You can also find some of their covers at Dicks Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy.


4) Groove It Brush

Clean grooves can make the difference in a good golf shot and a bad one.  Grooveit has figured out how to keep your grooves clean for every shot.  It quickly attaches to any golf bag and once you add some water to it you are ready to go.  You’re grooves will never be cleaner during your round and it will save you from having clean them after your round.

5) Clean Flight

Dirty balls are the worst.  “Dont be NASTIII!” (thanks @Manoloteachesgolf) Clean Flight has you covered.  Clean flight looks like a protein shake bottle but you can use this on the course to make sure your golf ball stays clean.  All you have to do is put a couple squirts of their solution in the bottle and add your golf ball to it and it works just like the golf ball cleaner on the first tee.  You can even order it off Amazon and get it delivered last minute.



6) Evolve Epoch Golf Tees

Every year my wife will always get me a package of Evolve Golf Tees. If I get them every year for Christmas they have to be on my list.  I have used these on every tee box for 5 years now.  They help keep the spin down off the tee and add yardage when you are teeing off.  They have some really cool designs on them.  You can also add a pair of their really comfortable MotionWool socks and they will still fit in a stocking.

7) Altwell CBD

If you follow my social media page you know that back in August I (and my wife) contacted COVID 19.  The only way I slept at night was with the Altwell CBD lemon gummies.  Altwell makes some amazing products including creams, roll-ons and the gummies.  If you are into using any CBD and you have not tried Altwell you are missing out!  They will make you feel better and recover faster!

8) MNML Golf Bags

Golfers are suckers for a new golf bag.  MNML has a bag that doubles as a cell phone charger, cell phone holder and a Bluetooth speaker and will carry your golf clubs and all of your necessary accessories.  This stand bag is lightweight and not only is good for walking or or riding but is really easy to travel with as well.  All around it is the best golf bag I have tested.  


9) Sqairz Golf Shoes

If you know me you knew these would be on the list.  Sqairz golf shoes are my favorite golf shoe and they should be yours too.  Sqairz are more comfortable than any other shoe on the market and they keep you better grounded and balanced to help you hit the ball further and stay in better control.  They have great color combinations and make them in a men’s and women’s line. They will also help dad line up to the ball and be ready to hit his next 300 yard drive.

10) SkyCaddie LX5 Watch

Make sure dad knows how far he is from green with the SkyCaddie LX5 Watch.  This gps watch gives you the front, middle and back yardages on every hole; touch screen overview of the hole so he can see how far it is to carry the bunker; measure the distance the ball traveled; and keep his score.  This all in one watch is lightweight, easy to charge, able to go 36 holes in a day and have dad performing his best.  SkyCaddieis also doing $50 off between now and December 31.

11) Cobalt Range Finder

If you want to know how far you are from the flag stick or see how far you out drove your buddies by the Cobalt Range Finder is the way to go.  It is the clearest range finder in the industry and the fastest to respond when you press the button.  It has a great slope feature and a dial to make the numbers appear lighter or darker depending on the lighting you are in.

12) Uther Golf Towels

Do you get dad a new towel for Christmas?  If you have not gotten him one of the Uther towels he is missing out.  Their wild prints and cool designs will not only keep his clubs clean but he will look great while doing it.  Their towels hold water amazing even on the hottest of days.  You can get these at Dicks Sporting Goods or Golf Galaxy as well.

13) MGI Zip Navigator Electronic Caddy

If they golfer you are shopping for walks the golf course then The MGI Zip Navigator Electronic Caddy is the perfect gift for them.  It is the Rolls Royce of golf push carts.  Its battery operated and will save your back if you walk.  Just attached your bag to it and hook up the battery and go.  There are some great accessories that come with it to hold your accessories as well.  This is hands down the best motorized push cart on the market today!

14) LAGP Golf Shafts

The golf shaft is the engine of the golf club.  LAGP makes the Ferrari of shafts.  They are trusted by Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau and other PGA Tour players.  LAGP has put a lot of design in making the best shafts in the world for each and every person.  I have both their red and blu shafts in clubs in my bag and love them.  I would suggest having your golfer get fit so they make sure that they get the correct shaft for them and it will help them lower their scores.

15) Bradley Putters

Golf clubs dont usually tell a story.  Bradley Putters are a story all by themselves.  Bradley has a way of making a conforming putter out of wood and acrylic and have it look amazing.  He can take a piece of wood from a tree in your yard and make “your” putter.  He can add smaller items to the putter as a really cool keepsake.  They almost look too good to use.

16) WedgeFX Club Customization

Last year for Christmas I got my dad a new set of irons and before I gave them to him I shipped them to WedgeFx to have him do his work to them.  He did a great patriotic flag them to the irons and made them look amazing.  My dad brags about them every chance he gets.  If you send some clubs to WedgeFX for your golfer they will be bragging about them for years to come.


17) Oakley Sunglasses

Living in Florida I have to protect my eyes from the sun.  I only trust Oakley Sunglasses and their Golf Prizm Lens to protect my eyes on and off the course.  They are light weight, block out the harmful UV rays and look great.  I like the Flax 2.0 glasses the best for me but there are plenty of options when you are looking for the right pair.

18) Massage Gun

As we get older (I know from experience) body parts start to hurt a lot more after things like golf.  For a quicker recovery getting a massage gun will help your golfer recover faster so they can play pain free on back to back days.  There are multiple brands out there and you can order them on Amazon and get it quickly.  

19) Cleveland Golf Wedge

The average golfer doesn’t change out their wedges enough.  Christmas is a great time to upgrade their wedges to the best wedges in the business, Cleveland Golf.  Their RTX Zipcore wedge is a great addition to any bag and with the design and technology in them they will help lower a golfers handicap.  You can also get them custom stamped or paint filled when you order them right off the website.

20) Towel Tag

Golf towels are left all over the golf course on a regular basis.  They fall off your bag or cart and never to be found again.  Towel Tag solved that problem with a bag tag that doubles as a towel holder.  They are customizable so you can add the golfers name to it.  They come with a great towel as well.

21) Gustbuster Umbrella

If you house is like mine there are never enough umbrellas.  If you are going to get a new umbrella you should get the best one, Gustbuster.  It is the number one brand on the PGA Tour and the best quality umbrella in the game.  You cant flip it over due to its construction design.  They come in some great colors so you can fine on that will match your golfers bag.  You can find them at all golf retailers.

22) Nexbelt

Belts are always a popular holiday gift.  You should upgrade your golfers belt game to one with no holes in it.  Nexbelt makes great belts in a lot of great colors for every occasion.  On or off the course they look great on.  They are trim to fit so if someone has put on a few extra pounds during the holidays they can adjust them after the fact.  They are the best belts in the industry.

23) Stogies N Bogeys Cigar Holder

A lot of golfers enjoy a cigar while they are playing.  There is always the problem of where do you put it when you need to hit.  Stogies N Bogeys Cigar Holders are your answer.   They are a golf ball on a tee that you can put in the golf cart or take it with you to hit your next shot.  If you have a special golf ball or a logo ball from your favorite course you can even mail it to them and they will turn it into a cigar holder for you.

24) Dash Caddy

If your golfer owns their own golf cart this is the perfect gift.  Dash Caddy attaches quickly to the steering wheel column of any cart and will keep all of their golf accessories literally at their fingertips.  It is durable and when sealed up will keep the elements out.  Dash Caddy can hold golf balls, tees, ball markers, range finders, cell phones and gloves all at once.  If your golfer doesnt own a cart but likes to stay organized it is light weight and can easily be transported to and from the course.


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