In golf, finding a club with the wrong shaft will make it perform like a Pinto at the Daytona 500.  When you find the right shaft that club then turns into a Ferrari.  Every time you turn around you hear another Tour player changing to add a LA Golf shaft in their bag.   I needed to see what all of the hype was about.  

I got a couple new utility irons added to the bag and struggled with them from the beginning.  The shafts were wobbling all over the place.  If my timing was right they went a long way.  If I was off I was way off.  I had a conversation with the team at LA Golf and I got a couple of their shafts to test in the utilities.  I got the AXS BLU and RED.  

The Shafts

So in looking at the two shafts the BLU is a tip stiff heavier shaft.  This means it is a lower launch and lower spin shaft.  This shaft has the same make up that I have in my driver shaft.  

The Red is a mid launch and mid spin shaft.  This is a shaft that will cause the ball to fly higher and spin a little more than the BLU and spin a little more for me.  

So when setting up the clubs I put the BLU in my 2 hybrid to keep the spin down.  I put the RED in my 4 utility for a little more spin and control because I would use it more on par 3’s.  

The shafts are white in color.  They have the corresponding lettering in blue on the BLU shaft and in red on the Red shaft.  

The weight difference is 20 grams between the 2 shafts.  The BLU weighs 105 grams and the RED weighs 85 grams.  

The Results

From the beginning I saw an incredible difference.  The BLU shaft in my 2 utility was giving me consistent numbers around a 225 yard carry with a normal swing and a ball flight that was penetrating through the air.  The other great thing about it was the ball flight became very consistent.  This was now a weapon off the tee and going into the par 5.  

The ball flight on the 4 iron was a little different with the RED shaft in it.  Just as I had expected the ball flew a little higher but was still penetrating through the wind.  I found it easy to control with a cross wind and very easy to swing and get the ball into the air.  As expected the ball came down, like Sam Sneed said, “like a butterfly with sore feet.”

Why Should YOU Switch

If you were not fit for your clubs and they came off the rack of your local big box retailer or ordered straight from the factory I can almost certainly guarantee that you are not playing the right shaft in your clubs.  Tour players have the luxury of testing and finding the right shaft to put in their equipment to maximize performance.  Its why they are so consistent and successful every time they hit the ball.  

Also it may appear that they have the same shaft that you use in your driver or other clubs but remember that they are getting a “tour version” of that shaft.  Most companies have boxes of shafts in their club making area and just pull one out of a box that is labeled that flex and has been mass produced so the tolerances are not consistent.  

Shaft only companies like LA Golf make a living producing shafts. They have a high standard of consistency in what they are sending out.  They also want to make sure you have the best product in your club. This way you can perform at the highest level.  

Just like it says on their website, “LA Golf was created to partner with the world’s best golfers to grow the game. We design, develop, and locally manufacture performance-driven and technologically advanced shafts in partnership with some of the top players in the game. Whether you’re playing in tournaments or a weekend warrior, our shafts allow you to be more athletic and ultimately swing harder.”

Dads Say So

LA Golf makes shafts for every club in your bag.  They are trusted by some of the biggest names in golf and they should be trusted by you.  If you are looking to perform your best you need to get fit for the best LA Golf shaft for your swing.  Finding the right shaft will not only help you hit the ball farther but also straighter.  This will lower your scores.  

Seven years ago I had my elbow cut open for Tennis Elbow surgery.  Everyone I talked to said that I need to look at changing to graphite shafts in order to protect my elbow from having to have surgery again (it wasn’t fun the first time).  I have always been scared off by putting graphite shafts in my irons.  Not only was the steel more consistent at that time the advances in technology were not there.  

Now I am ready to make the switch.  I can tell you that I am not far off from having all of my irons have LA Golf Shafts in them.  These shafts make me a better player.  They will protect my elbow in the future from having any more issues.  

If you are looking to find out more about LA Golf Shafts and want to find the best shafts to upgrade not only your clubs but your game, go to  Or go and check out your local club fitter for more information.  From tour pros all the way down to a beginner can benefit from them.  

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