It is that time of year for the Father’s Day gift guide.  Here are some great items to buy dad to help him improve his day on the links

Desert Fox Phone Holder

We all use our phones on the course now for music, GPS or to keep our scores/handicap so why not get dad something that will allow him to keep his phone at his fingertips?  Desert Fox Golf has the best cell phone holder on the market today and it fits in almost any pocket in his golf bag.  It is the number 4 golf accessory on Amazon and the number one most wish list accessory there too!

Groove It Brush

Dad doesn’t need dirty grooves when he is trying to make a hole in one.  The Groove It Brush fixes this problem.  The brush has a tube for water and all you must do is squirt out the water and scrub the dirty away.  Easiest way ever to clean a club.  It quickly attaches to his golf bag and with the magnet it detaches quickly to not hold up play after hitting a shot.

Evolve Golf Tees

The Evolve Epoch golf tees are the best tees in golf.  They help reduce 

spin on the golf ball so dad will hit it farther.  They also come in some cool designs.  I am a big fan of their Master’s colors in my bag.  They have a great price point at under $10 too so it is a great additional gift to add for dad.

Big Max Golf Bags

Every once in a while, it comes time to upgrade dads golf bag.  Bag Max Golf has you covered on this one.  They make the best waterproof bag on the market and for any size bag dad is looking for.  From a super lightweight Sunday style bag all the way up to a cart bag Big Max has you covered.  You can get them at PGA Tour Superstore.

Sqairz Golf Shoes

If you have seen my Instagram page you see my Sqairz Golf Shoes a lot!  They are the best shoes in golf.  From the most comfortable fit to the great stability to the added distance you cannot go wrong with any pair.  And they have colors to match any of dad’s favorite outfits.  Nick Faldo and John Daly trust Sqairz just like me and your dad will become a better golfer just by putting them on his feet.

Dormie Headcover

Dicks Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy are your go to supplier for a new Dormie Workshop headcover for dad.  Their web site is loaded with plenty of options to make dad happy and be the envy of their regular group.  Get dad that new driver, fairway or putter cover! 

MGI Zip Navigator Trolly

Since the pandemic began the amount of golfers walking has increased.  If you are looking to improve dad’s score on the course, get him the MGI Zip Navigator Trolly.  This motorized golf cart is the envy of all golf push carts.  The only thing dad will have to push is a button to make it go.  He will get to his ball, be fresh and ready to execute and then take all of his regulars’ money in their weekly game.

Cobalt Rangefinder

Not all range finders are created equal.  Cobalt is leading the way in their new rangefinder technology.  They have the clearest sight glass in the industry, a crosshair that can be adjusted in brightness and an incredibly quick lock on to the target.  And its accuracy is amazing.

Cleveland ZipCore Wedges

The leader in wedge technology is at it again with their new Zip Core Wedges.  Cleveland golf’s wedges come with a stock spinner shaft to help get the ball closer as well as their patented Zip Core wedges.  Dad will stick it closer no matter the lie and he will have you thank for it. or your local golf retailer.


Towel Tag

With golf bags today there is always that question, where do you put the towel?  Towel Tag has figured it out.  This bag tag and towel holder attached quickly to your bag and has a spot for   your towel.  They come with a matching towel and if you have a couple extra days you may be able to get a custom one delivered with dad’s name on it!   They even have a limited edition Father’s Day Tag!

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