It goes without saying that I love my SkyCaddie SX500 device on the course.  Its easy to use and has a great display.  At the PGA Show in January I met with the team at SkyCaddie.  I left there really excited about a new device that I saw, the LX5 Ceramic Bezel GPS Smartwatch.  

I had been looking for a watch to wear on the golf course.  Normally, if I am out, I wear an Invicta.  I really like them but they are a little too bulky to wear when you swing a club.  SkyCaddie has created that very watch!  

The Watch

The LX5 comes with a silicone band and has a second smaller strap in the box for people with smaller wrists.  The glass has touch screen technology in it that is very easy to use and navigate.  

Charging the watch couldn’t be easier.  There is a magnetic “plug” that comes in the box that attaches to the back of the watch.  All you need to do is plug it in at night and you are ready to go.

The SkyCaddie Technology

SkyCaddie is famous for their amazing course mapping and technology.  The same technology that you can find in the SX400 and SX500 can be found in the LX5 Smartwatch.  The amazing part about this is just how awesome this watch really is. 

Do you need to know the front, middle or back?  Got that covered!  Need to know how far it is to cover a bunker?  You can see it on the overhead of the hole or there is a screen for it too!  Want to see where the green slopes are?  There is a screen for that!  

The best part of all of this information is just how quickly it is to navigate!  You wont add any additional time to your round getting the necessary information on the watch.  Just click Golf and New Round and it will find the course for you. 

With the touch screen technology you can even zoom in and see a close up of the hole.  This allows you to see just how far it is to carry the bunker or water.  If you don’t want to zoom in if you hit the arrow it will give you the distances to different targets and how far it is to carry them.  It takes all of the guessing out of the equation.  

On The Course

I have not worn a watch on the golf course since high school.  I was looking for one so this was perfect to try.  Because the LX5 Ceramic Bezel is so lightweight it makes it easy to adjust to.  If you have never worn a watch on the course you almost don’t know it is there.

When you swing the watch stays out of the way.  It doesn’t interfere with you swing at all.  The best part about it, is you know the front middle and back yardages for every shot.  This makes club selection so much easier. 

When you have finished the hole you can keep your score on it as well.  It tracks fairways, greens, and putts too!  

It is also one less thing to keep up with when you are putting things back in your bag after your round. 

Caddying on the LPGA Tour  

I had the opportunity to caddy at the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions on the LPGA Tour.  What was supposed to be a one day caddy gig turned into 3 days of putting this watch through the test.  

We could use distance measuring devices for the amateurs and celebrities in the event so I thought this would be a great opportunity to test out the watch.  It worked amazing.  

We didn’t get the fancy tour yardage books but we had pin sheets daily.  This allowed me to look at the front yardage and add the pin yardage very easily.  I also didn’t have to carry a range finder everything was right on my wrist and in my yardage book cover.  

If I caddied for a living this would be all that I would use because it was so accurate and very reliable.  And over the “course” of a round the batter will go for 2 rounds so 36 in a day is no problem.  

Dads Say So

For the longest time I really loved to just use a range finder.  Then I found the SX500.  The hardest part about testing this SkyCaddie LX5 Ceramic Bezel watch is that I had to stop using the SX500.   (I did give it to my dad to use).  

This watch is a great smart.  You can track your steps and monitor your heart rate with it!  Adding in the fact that it can also tell you your yardage it makes it the best golf watch on the market.  

While I tested the the LX5 Ceramic Bezel, the watch comes in 2 models.  The LX5 for as low as $299 and the LX5 Ceramic Bezel for $349.  Both of them come with a 3 year membership for SkyGolf 360 Pro!  

Think that this watch would also make a great addition to the professionals playing in the PGA Championship this year.  They can now use distance measuring devices and this will give them the front yardage no matter the location on the course.  

To get yours go to or your local golf retailer today!  

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