As someone who played Cleveland Blade Wedges since I was in High School, going to anything that looks less than traditional is never easy.  With age, and children, needing something more easier to control has become more up my speed.  There are a lot of companies out there that have gone to the “High Toe” or Full Face wedge and Cleveland Golf made their entry with the CBX Full Face Wedge.  

CBX Full Face Design

The wedge designers at Cleveland Golf did an amazing job with the CBX Full Face Wedge.  The first thing that I noticed about the wedge was how great it looked at address.  Even though they increased the grooves on the face, when you set it down next to their RTX-4 wedge it looks almost identical.  This led me to have confidence right away.  

When you flip the wedge over you can see all of the forgiveness built into the CBX Full Face.  The cavity back design leads to a larger sweet spot.  This will make your miss hits go straighter and be more consistent.  Someone that 99% of us could use.  

The CBX Full Face comes standard with a Dynamic Golf wedge flex 115 weight shaft.  It also has a Lamkin Crossline Grip standard.  This is a really good consistent combination.  

Click Here to see my YouTube Video review of the Cleveland Golf CBX Full Face Wedge.  

On the Course

Taking the CBX Full Face Wedge on the course I found the wedge easy to use.  There was a ton of feel in the wedge as well as bite on shots.  It is very easy to control on long shots as well as those touch shots around the green.  I really liked the CBX Full Face Wedge out of the sand.  It was easy to hit and with the full face grooves I found it easy to control the distance the ball flew and the amount of control you had with it.  

While there is some bounce on the sole of the club, it isn’t too much.  It doesn’t have the wide bounce like their Smart Sole Wedge that will help you get the ball out when you hit a shot fat.  All of their options have 10º of bounce which will help you under all conditions.  

Who can this Help?

Any great player will tell you that the are looking for the look and feel of a blade wedge.  The Cleveland CBX Full Face wedge gives you the look and feel of the blade but is a lot more forgiving.  This being said Cleveland Golf has designed the first wedge that a scratch golfer and a beginner can have in the bag at the same time.  It will help both players improve and be more consistent.  

For the new golfer the full face grooves will help the ball fly straighter and more consistent on the off center strikes.  For the low handicap golfer the cavity back design allows balls to fly more consistent and you are able to dial in your distances better.  These are key to helping everyone get better. 

Dads Say So

The new Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge is a great addition to any bag.  The ultimate forgiveness in a wedge that you can play and attack with is something that I haven’t seen in wedges before.  While I tested the 60º the wedge also comes in 56º, 58º and in a 64º option for you to add to your bag.  

If you are in the market for a new wedge and are not thinking about demoing the Cleveland CBX Full Face you are not looking at lowering your scores.  To find out more go to and when your local golf shop opens make sure you check out the CBX Full Face from Cleveland Golf.    

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