Golf bags come in all shapes and sizes.  Ranging anywhere from a small bag that can carry about half your clubs all the way up to the PGA Tour staff bags.  It is the users preference as to what bag they want.  I have used just about every style of bag and tend to stick with a stand bag.  Recently, I tested a new bag that came out at the PGA Show called MNML Golf Bag.  I quickly became a believer in a Sunday Style Bag.  

The MNML Design

They say that good things come in small packages.  MNML has designed a golf bag that may not have the pockets or even zippers that their competitors have, they have designed the most lightweight bag that will easily carry 14 clubs and has a stand on it.  Now I’m sure you’re asking why I said zippers.  Well, MNML removed the zippers from the bag and added magnetic enclosures for the 3 pockets on the bag.  Now you don’t have to worry about the zipper breaking on your favorite bag.  

Speaking of the pockets, there are two larger pockets and one small one.  The small one is a great spot to put your keys and wallet in when you are playing.  The other 2 you can add your golf balls, tees, divot tools and ball markers in one of them.  The other pocket is insulated so you can put a drink or two in there.  Need to make sure you re-hydrate on a hot day.  

The bag also comes with four amazing additions for today’s golfer!  First thing you will notice is right above the smallest pocket there is a solar charger so that you can make sure your phone doesn’t die on you while your listening to music on the course.  

And for the music, they have added a small round speaker to the bag.  While the speaker isn’t going to be like the surround sound in your living room, the speaker is great for carrying on your bag while walking or even riding.  The speaker comes with a connection to the solar panel so you don’t have to worry about charging it.  This is great for those emergency 9’s right after work!    

Now, earlier I said that small pocket was great for your wallet and keys, you were probably thinking I forgot your cell phone.  Nope, they thought of that too.  MNML put a holder for your phone (or GPS Unit) on the top of the bag.  I found that this pulled double duty.  Yes it holds your phone while you are playing.  However, it also will allow you to position it behind you to record your swing when you are working on something, or want to post a shot tracer video on Instagram.  

The last thing that they did was they added an extra cross strap onto one of the shoulder straps.  It is about an inch wide and when you look at it at first you wonder why it is there.  Well the bag only comes in white or black color and if you put it on a golf cart, the black strap will mess up the side of the bag.  With this strap on there you can loop the cart strap through the addition strap.  It saves your bag from getting the black marks on the bag.  


 On The Course

In testing the MNML Bag I decided to put it through all of the ways any of us would use it.  Carrying it, on a cart and in a push cart.  I also took it on a road trip to my in-laws.  Packing around it was a breeze.  There were no issues fitting all of our travel items in the car.    

Carrying it made me think about wanting to go back to carrying my bag again.  This bag was light weight, even with 14 clubs and all of the balls and tees and other stuff it wasn’t a problem to carry and I didn’t have shin splints after!  Huge bonus.  The shoulder straps really distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders and should be the envy of any PGA Tour Caddy!  

On a push cart the bag was so easy to get around.  The light weight made it so easy to push around and the pockets are so easily accessible when you need to re-load one after hitting one out of bounds.  

In a golf cart there were a couple things that I did find as a with the bag.  First, the bag does fit great and the strap addition is a huge bonus.  Now having been using carts on our own here I did find the bag was better to put on the passenger side for one reason.  The only reason is the cellphone holder hits up against the plastic on cart and will dent the holder.  

Now for road trips this bag is amazing.  I have a Ford Explorer and with my wife and two kids there is a lot of stuff that goes in the car.  Now I don’t have to worry about leaving the golf bag behind.  This bag takes up less space than any other bag I have ever used.  And if you need to pack the suitcases in first, it doesn’t weigh a lot so you can put it on top of them and it wont damage anything.  

Dads Say So

So normally this is where I give you my opinion of the product.  But I need to tell you a story.  When the bag showed up at the house I opened the box.  My wife looks at the bag, and she has seen a lot of golf equipment that I am sure she would rather forget, and she says to me, “That is a really good looking bag.”  So it already gets bonus points from the start.  

Not only was she right about the looks, but the all around functionality of the bag make it the best bag I have tested.  Its light weight design and additional accessories make it the best bag I have tested.  It’s quickly become the go to bag in my arsenal for everyday use.  

If you are in the market for a new lightweight Sunday Style bag you need to look no further than MNML.  The bag has no competition as far as being the best bag in its class.  With all of its features its like comparing a Mercedes to a Pinto.  The bags are available online at  Don’t forget to pick up your type of phone so you have the right charger in your bag!  



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