The Line UpAny golfer that has ever taken a lesson from a PGA Professional will tell you that they are always talking about getting square.  Be it your feet, shoulders, hips or club face that is the position we are all looking for.  This year at the PGA Show I found the most revolutionary advancement in golf since the PRO V1.  They are new golf shoes from SQAIRZ. 

I know the first thing that your thinking…There is no U after the Q…lol…Well they have taken the U out of the toes of your golf shoe and made them SQAIRZ. 

If you like your traditional shoes, you’re probably wondering why make them SQAIRZ.  Well, the easiest way to describe it is alignment.  You just need to make sure your feet are lined up by looking down at your toes and you are ready to go.  

In order to do this, they made the shoes slightly wider through the foot.  This allowed them to do a few more things that you don’t see when looking down.  The bottom of the shoes have moved the spike placement.  This allowed them to put some larger spikes on your pressure points of your foot.  This allows for better traction and stability in the swing.  Details of The Sqairz Difference

Along with the spikes they have different size nubs on the bottom of the shoes as well.  This gives them better traction as well.  The nubs increase the closer they get to the spike.  This gives you a better connection to the ground.  

So now you are probably thinking, why should I change what isn’t broken?  Well, how do you know it isn’t broken?  Just because you have been using the same shoes forever doesn’t mean changing your shoes will not help you.  Did it help you when you changed from a persimmon driver to a metal headed driver?  Of course it did.  I will tell you that this is as revolutionary as the change from wood to metal.  

Results on the Course

Everyone that has tried these shoes on the course will tell you the first thing they found was how much easier putting became.  Being able to look down and see quickly that your feet were square to your target line made it easier to make putts.  Down The Line

After one round my dad said, “The best part of these is putting.  Knowing I am lined up on my intended line and all I need to do is make the best stroke I can.  I am more confident over every putt!”

I also found it easier to stand on a tee box and make sure you were lined up with your target line.  There is no need to use an alignment rod on the ground for your feet with Sqairz on.  You just need to look down and if your feet are square you will be more likely to hit the ball where you want to.  As Sqairz says, “Every Shot Starts Here.”

Sqairz Design Differences

The difference of the shoes compared to other shoes out there goes beyond the square toe.  First thing that you see are the laces.  There are rubber spots on the shoe laces that make them stay tied better.  You will not have to worry about your laces coming undone during your round.  In all of the rounds I have worn them in, I have never had to retie them.  I really need to get a pair of the laces for all of my other shoes, and my kids shoes, because I’m constantly tying them.  

The next thing that you don’t really see is the waterproofing.  Due to the design of the shoe they are almost completely waterproof.  Unless you have water up to your ankle your foot will stay dry.  This is a bonus if you life in a place that has a lot of rain or play a lot of cart path only golf. 

3D design!If you are going to change your shoe design you need to look another thing.  The sock.  The team at Sqairz went one step further and designed a square toe sock as well.  I will say that while I did find the sock a little thicker than I liked.  After a couple rounds, and trying other ones out, they are a lot more comfortable in the shoe.  Make sure you order a few pairs so when you are playing all weekend you don’t need to do a load of laundry just for a pair of socks.     

The shoes come in a variety of colors.  This makes it easier to look great smiling for pictures at the next club championship as you SQAIRZ your way to the winners circle.   

Dads Say So

If you spend 4 days at the PGA Merchandise Show you will see a lot of different products.  There are new clubs, ideas, products, companies and items that will help you and hurt your game.  Of all of the products at the show, this was the most revolutionary product!  Not only are the Sqairz an amazing shoe, they will help you improve from the first round you will wear them. 

If you are a junior, new golfer, weekend player, or the club champion these shoes will help you lower your scores.  They can even help the best tour players get better.  Being able to look down and see that your feet are lined up correctly will make your misses be closer to where you are trying hit the ball.

At this point you can purchase them for under $200 with the discount code on their website.  Being able to know that you are square and your body is headed in the right direction will make sure your club is headed in the right direction and that will make the ball go where you want it to.

Sqairz is right.  Every Shot Starts Here.  If you want to improve, save yourself $400 and don’t buy that new driver.  Buy the shoes that will help you hit your current driver better.  Get them now.  Once a PGA Tour player finds out about these they may have a hard time keeping them in stock!  To improve your game from the ground up click here and get your pair today.  Don’t forget to get them your email address and get 20% off. 



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