V2 eWheelsPush Carts are a great substitute to having to carry your golf bag.  They save energy and keep you fresher than carrying your bag (and reduce back pain).  Now there is an even better solution.  The V2 Alphard eWheels.

The V2 Alphard eWheels is a motorized set of wheels that is the ultimate upgrade to your existing pushcart.  It comes with a remote control that allows you to control the speed and direction of your cart.  It has settings on it that will allow it to not get too far away from you, as long as you’re holding the remote.  Click here to see the V2 Alphard eWheels in action.  

Set Up

To attach the V2 eWheels to your current push cart all you have to do is remove the wheels.  Attach a couple brackets with 2 screws each, and then clip the wheels in place.  You are ready to go.  

The V2 eWheels is compatible with any push cart, 3 or 4 wheels so you don’t have any reason not to upgrade.   All you need to do is make sure the V2 eWheels is charged and you’re all set.  Charging it is a breeze.  It has a plug just like a laptop!

When you get to the course it takes about as long to set up as putting on your shoes.  Just pull the wheels out of your car.  Slide them to the fully open position.  Place the brackets on the bar and lock them.  All you need to do then is push one button to turn it on.  Then grab the remote and you are off!  

The Touch of a Button

With the touch of one button you can turn on and off the V2 eWheels.   The best part about this is if you are trying to take a short cut around the course and you need to go over or off of a curb and you need to control the cart.  If you turn off the V2 eWheels you can push the cart jusV2 remotet like your current push cart.  The hit the power button and you are back in business.  

On the Course

From the first tee to the eighteenth green the V2 eWheels will be your caddy.  It may not clean your clubs or ball and unless you attach your GPS unit it wont give you your yardage but it will save your back and give you more energy than if you were carrying your bag or pushing a cart.  

The battery is rated for 27 holes of golf but, new for 2020, The V2 eWheels has a detachable battery.  Now you can swap it out when the battery dies and play 54 holes in the same day.  

There are some new functions in the 2020 model as well.  As stated in their press release; “Not only does eWheels follow you without the stress of continually having to look back, but it also allows for full remote control from the remote itself. Making your approach and want your bag waiting for you at the next hole? No Problem, eWheels will meet you there.

The new 6-axis gyroscope can read tV2 eWheels in action on the coursehe terrain of the course, gauge speed on both uphill and downhill treks and put you in full control.”
This is a great feature.  With the humps and bumps of every golf course the V2 eWheels has no problem getting to your next shot. 

V2 Tether Follow Sensor

Another new function for 2020 is the Tether Follow Sensor (TFS).  “TFS allows eWheels to follow you without a remote! Simply clip the magnetic connection and go. TFS magnetically clips to an included metal belt attachment. It reads how far you are from your cart as well as your direction and adjusts your cart to match.

The Smart Tether can be easily attached to your golf bag without hassle and communicates with your eWheels via Bluetooth. It’s ready to go out of the box, so you don’t have to fuss over setup.”

Stay Fresher and Shoot Lower Scores

A few years ago multiple colleges did a study comparing using push carts compared to carrying your own golf bag.  The study was astoundingly in favor of using push carts to stay fresher and shoot lower scores.  Most colleges today require their players to use a push cart as a way to stay fresher.  This allows them to shoot lower scores and gives them a better chance to win.  

The V2 eWheels will keep the players even fresher.  You don’t have to exert the additional energy to push the cart up hill or control it going down hill.  With the push of a button you can control your cart with out fearing it is going to fall over or run away from you.  All of us can use the extra energy to not be as tired at the end of a round and make that par or birdie to win your match.  

Dads Say So

If you walk a lot and have your own push cart you would be foolish to not order the V2 eWheels.  From converting your existing cart, transporting to and from the course, setting up your cart and enjoying your round of golf this is the best item on the market.  Currently the V2 Alphard eWheels are available on a crowdfunding site.  If you click here you can order them for your cart for $499.00.   If you order today you will have your eWheels by April or May just in time for the peak of the golf season!  This is an amazing deal compared to the energy you are going to save and the more fun you are going to have playing better and shooting lower scores.  

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