Last wPGA Merchandise Show Signeek, after coming back from Iowa for a wedding, I spent the entire week at the PGA Show.  Being a home game, I love being able to sleep in my own bed every night.  It makes the week more enjoyable. 

This is the good and the bad recap for the week.  

The Good

Golf with Friends

Monday brought us out to Legends at Orange Lake.  This great Arnold Palmer Design brought us together with RockStar_Golf, Ryan.Golfs (of TheBreakfastBallGolfBlog), DesertFoxGolf, Matt.G.2727, YS.Golf, NoLayingUp, CWBoylan. There may have been a couple “trick shots” from RockStar_Golf as well!


RockStar_Golf hitting a ball off of a Jock Strap!Matt.G.2727, Me, RockStar_Golf, and DesertFoxGolf having a blast!



Tuesday brought 20 of us out to Winter Park 9.  This municipal course in the heart of Winter Park was redesigned by Core Crenshaw and is an absolute gem.  Between playing around the cemetary on number 4 or the train passing by in your back swing it doesn’t get much better.  After playing 9 holes in 4 somes we joined up and were the last group out playing as a 18 some in a epic skins game.  While I didnt win any skins the laughter and conversation that dominated the day may be the highlight of the entire week.  

Winter Park Golf Club!Chasing Daylight in a 16Some

Sunday afternoon wrapped up the week on another classic in Orlando.  The Magnolia at Walt Disney World.  The brothers (and father) from Dormie Workshop made for some amazing company and great pictures including the popular Mickey Mouse Bunker in the background.  

Steve at the Magnolia!Jeff from DormieWorkshop at the Magnolia

Todd from DormieWorkshop at the MagnoliaMe at the Magnolia


The PGA Show and Demo Day

Tuesday was Demo Day on the driving range at Orange County National was fun, but cold.  The manaufacturers had all of their newest equipment on display to hit.  Some of the highlights included Wilson and Mizuno’s new irons, Cleveland’s new FullFace Wedge, Bridgestone’s new ball and fitting process, Lynx adjustable face driver, and the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor.  

On the show floor, there were a few products that really stood out this year.  First WizPak Golf Bags, a golf bag with speakers built right into it.  USA Grass Golf, a game highly popular in Asia is trying to make headway in America, and I think has a ton of potential.  Bag Boy’s Shield Cart Bag and the added protection it gives you. Dormie Workshop and their Tiger in the Woods sweater colab with Foray Golf. Birds of Condor and their Caddyshack line of hats and shirts.  Subtle Patriot and their incredible line up of golf bags and travel accessories.  Indi Golf and their new putters.  Sqairz shoes and maybe the best item we saw all week in their new designed golf shoes.  LAB Putters and their blade and directed force line of putters.  Chirrp Golf and their new putting mat that hooks up to your phone and gives you a score on your putt speed and make and miss percentage.  Club Pro Manufacturing and their new speaker cup holder!


              Tiger in the Woods in action. DesertFoxGolf Booth!Club Pro Manufacturing cup holder speaker



WizPak Golf Speaker Golf BagSteve hanging out at Subtle Patriot, yes ladies he is taken!

Folds Of Honor Party

Wednesday night saw us at the House of Blues at Disney Springs.  Folds of Honor was hosting PGA Professionals and invited guests for an amazing night of music with members of Hootie and the Blowfish, Sister Hazel and others.  John Daly even came out and sang a few.  It was an awesome evening.  


John Daly and Major Ed at the Folds of Honor event!Folds of Honor Concert

The Bad

Mother Nature

The week before the show Central Florida dialed up some Chamber of Commerce weather.  Come Monday Mother Nature decided that everyone needed to be in pants and jackets and by Tuesday morning at Demo Day the wind chills were in the 30’s.  I felt bad for companies like Wilson, Mizuno and Indi Golf who were all into the wind on the driving range. 

Wednesday morning, walking from the parking lot to the convention center the wind chills were in the teens and we were all wishing for the sun to warm us up.  

Missing Companies

Last year the big news leading up to the show was the absence of TaylorMade.  While they didn’t return this year there were noticeable other companies who were missing as well.  SuperStroke, Golf Pride, Lamkin,, Uther Towels and GPS Quick Clips just to name a few of the companies that we didn’t see on the floor this year.  

Now in their place there were plenty of CBD companies in their place.  As well as a few other companies that were making their first appearance as well.  Some of these companies have some great staying power but others, it is yet to be determined.  

Dads Say So

I always look forward to PGA Show Week.  It is a busy week full of long days and short nights.  With all of the stuff that was going on it made for an amazing week that we will be talking about for years to come.  I know that I am already looking forward to next year and the cool stuff that will be on display.  Not to mention the fun rounds of golf with amazing people that will bring a ton of laughter and new friendships.  


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