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The word UPGRADE is a verb.  One of its definitions is “to raise the quality of.” In golf we get used to hearing the word UPGRADE. Annually when it comes to the annual barrage of new equipment that starts rolling out this time of year. And usually that new diver will add maybe 5 more yards to your game.

Recently, Drive Shack Orlando went through an UPGRADE that had them closed for two and a half months. Now they have reopened and the UPGRADES are amazing.  They have not only UPGRADED the hitting field but they have also UPGRADED the technology that tracks the golf balls so that you can get a more accurate display of your shot.

The first UPGRADE that you notice right away is the “fairway.” The field that you used to hit balls onto was full of geometric shapes. Now they have round targets that look like greens for you to hit to. Visually, for golfers, this is much more easy feeling as compared to hitting balls at a triangle. In the middle of them there are different colored light up polls that give you a great sensation like a golf flag on the green.

New Targets!

Drive Shack UPGRADES!


Single handily the best UPGRADE that they put in was to upgrade their technology to TrackMan. They had previously used camera technology to track your shots and the tracking was not the best. Now with TrackMan’s Doppler Technology it is 99.9% accurate. You hit a shot and when you look at the screen you can see the flight path along with the ball speed, launch, height, carry distance and total distance.

Another bonus they have with the TrackMan UPGRADE are the games and courses that come along with it. Between Monster Hunt, Shack Jack, Darts or playing a real course like St. Andrews or PGA National it is all right at your fingertips. These games make it fun for golfers and non golfers to have fun.  

Bacon Cheese Burger

Don’t forget to check out the great food and drinks at Drive Shack!

The golf entertainment business is a crowded one. There are companies and locations popping up all over the country. They are all expanding at a fast pace. Trying to find one that has separated themselves from the rest can be difficult. With the new additions at Drive Shack they have separated themselves as the clear cut leader in the golf entertainment industry. Second place isn’t even in the rear view mirror.

If a cold front comes through, there is no need to worry. They have heaters in the bays to keep you warm. I have also been out there when it was pouring down rain and we never got wet.  If Mother Nature is trying to ruin your round of golf, just head to Drive Shack for some fun.  

Dads Say So

Drive Shack Orlando was the first location they opened with. As they have built more they have put all of these UPGRADED features in their new facilities. You can go by to play, just for dinner, or a drink. If you are looking for a great event space, they can even help you with that. I know that it wont be long before I head back to Drive Shack and hopefully I see you there.  Go and UPGRADE your experience today at Drive Shack!

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