There has been a lot of talk the last few days about how amazing the singles rounds and outcome of The Presidents Cup was. While I will agree with the comeback being great. I always love it when Team USA wins. However, I see the outcome very different for the game of golf.

Team USA’s domination in Presidents Cups is really easy to see. With a record of 11-1-1 it has been a very one sided affair. I honestly think that this is a huge problem.

First, if the record was the other way around, we would have already formed a task force to fix the issue of losing. We have lost a lot of interest in the Ryder Cup over the last few years due to Europe’s dominance. They have outplayed us and have deserved the victories. But as Americans we have not given them the credit they deserve due to the fact that we lost. We think that we need to fix it so we win all the time.

The Presidents Cup is becoming The Harlem Globetrotters of golf. The International squad is playing the role of the Washington Generals. As Americans enjoy watching the International team get beat. For the record the Generals only have 1 victory ever, sound familiar?

Long before my time in golf, the Ryder Cup was an event that was between the USA and Great Britain & Ireland. Through 16 events the USA was 14-1-1.

Jack Nicklaus suggested changing the event to allow all of Europe to play in it. This brought players like Seve and Bernard into the mix. It made the Ryder Cup more competitive.

The problem with The Presidents Cup is that there is nowhere else for them to draw from. You can’t add Europe into the mix. Based on world rankings it would be another Ryder Cup.

How do we get the International Players to play better? I thought that Ernie Els did something great earlier this year. He made all players in consideration play in the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. This team event has the players play Four Ball and Foursomes. It also allowed them to get together as a team for meals in the best food city on the PGA Tour. Yes there seemed to be more of a team cohesiveness this year but that didn’t translate into winning. So what do they do next?

I have to say that I like Els’ idea of the player going to the Zurich. I think that should be something the USA Team adopts. Our Foursomes and Fourball records show that we need all of the practice we can get.

If the USA dominance continues are we going to lose interest? Will the International team lose the excitement for playing in the event and see players not want to show up? Will viewers stop watching because we know the outcome?

Dads Say So, I do think that Saturday night on the east coast was the second most exciting day of golf this year. A close second behind Tiger’s win at Augusta. Going forward I think it would have done more for the global game of golf had we gotten beat badly. All of us would be second guessing Tiger’s decisions from the week and Patrick Reed’s caddy, but g. I really hope that over the next 10 years the International team can get a couple wins. It will make The Presidents Cup more relevant. This way we see the game grow globally and for The Presidents Cup to remain relavant. This doesn’t need to be an exbition it needs to be a competition.

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