Tis the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s time for TheGolfingDads Holiday Gift Guide.  This year there are some great new products and some oldie but goodies.  Products are going to be in 3 categories.  Stocking Stuffers, Something for Every Golfer in Your Life, Gifts for the Golfer Who Has Everything. 

Stocking Stuffers

Desert Fox Golf Phone Holder

Music is becoming more and more the norm on the course and having your phone easy to reach is a necessity.  The best device out there is the DESERT Fox Golf Phone Holder.  I used the orange phone holder in every round for music or watching sports on my phone.  I also have one for my SKYGOLF SX500 GPS. Besides orange they have other colors  The attach easily to the cart and store easily in the golf bag when they are not being used. You don’t have to worry about your phone falling out of them.   DesertFoxGOLF.com

Liberty Ball Markers Ball Marker and Divot Tool Combo

Custom items are always some of my favorites for gifts.   Being able to get 2 custom items in one gift is even better.  Liberty Ball Markers can make you a custom divot tool and ball marker and make them matching or different depending on your mood.  They also use some really cool metals like copper and aluminum and you can have them paint filled with a variety of colors to make it really custom.  Liberty Ball Markers makes all of my ball markers and divot tools and they need to make yours too. Libertyballmarkers.com

Evolve Golf Socks and Tees    


If you buy dad new socks every year why not get him some new, really comfortable, golf socks.  Evolve Golf makes lightweight incredible quality no show golf sock.  They come in a variety of colors!  They make your feet feel amazing and stay cool on the course.  You should also get some of the only golf tees that I use, the Evolve Epoch Tees.  Not only are these tees durable but they reduce spin off the driver so you will hit bombs like Phil Mickelson.  Santa brings me these tees every year and the go right into my golf bag.  Evolvegolf.com 

Lamkin Grips

You may say that 13 grips in a stocking is a little difficult to imagine but I can see them sticking out the top like a bouquet of flowers.  And the best part as these don’t need water and wont die in a week.  The holidays are a great time to change your grips annually and who better to use than Lamkin.  I switched to them last year and regret not switching sooner.  They feel great, are very durable an come in a variety of textures and patterns so you can find the right one for dad. Lamkingrips.com

Training Aids

If the golfer in your life is looking to improve you can get some small, but amazing training aids to help with that process.  There is the two time defending number one training aid on my list The Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf.  This putting aid not only fits nicely in a stocking, it will quickly attach to a putter and help them improve face alignment very quickly.  Another one of my favorites is the Grip Secret.  This handy little device wraps around your grip and allows you to practice not putting the death grip on the club, allowing you to swing the club more freely and gain more distance and gain accuracy.  

Something for every golfer in your life


If you follow the blog you had to know that this was going to be on the list.  The new AMPCaddy is amazing.  There are 2 options.  One is smaller and 15 watts and the second one is larger and 40 watts.  I use the amazing 40 watt speaker and the sound quality is amazing and the base is great.  This is the best speaker in golf.  The fact that you can swivel the speaker to point in the direction where you are standing allows you to not have to turn it all the way up and bother other groups on the course.  The other great part about the AMPCaddy is that you can use it anywhere.  The Beach, working in the yard, washing the garage?  Just turn on the AMPCaddy and you are ready to go.  AMPCADDY.com

TOMO Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have advanced a long way from the days of wooden soles and metal spikes.  Tomo has advanced them even further with their level of comfort.  This year they released 2 more lines of shoes.  Both of them you can wear from the office or home to the course and then head to the 19th hole or dinner and not change your shoes.  I have the Vol 1 knit shoes and these are very comfortable, very durable and have incredible traction when you make the big swing.  They now have a more casual style and a leather style that is water proof so there is a style for everyone.  Tomogolf.com


If you buy dad a new belt every year you need to upgrade to NexBelt.  Not only are they trim to fit (so you don’t have to worry about finding the right size) they don’t have any holes so they are adjustable to the exact size.  They come in a variety of colors and buckles so you can find the most expressive one!  NexBelt.com

Bridgestone Golf Balls

Golf Balls are the best gift for a golfer.  They are used on every shot and lost a lot so you are constantly in need of a new one.  Bridgestone makes a ball for every golfer.  From their tour model B series to the the game improvement e series there is a ball for everyone to play.  Bridgestonegolf.com

Gifts for the Golfer who has EVERYTHING

Dormie Workshop Headcovers

Everyone has headcovers on their golf bag.  Why not upgrade their headcovers and get them from the 3 time Golf Digest number one leather headcover manufacturer Dormie Workshop.  These brothers from Nova Scotia, Canada have been making custom headcovers since day one and they will make anything that would be special for the golfer in your life.  Maybe have one with their kids or grandkids names on it?  Have a special baseball glove?  They made a few covers out of a baseball glove!  The opportunities are endless.  Because these are custom you need to make sure you order them in advance as they do take a little longer to get delivered to you!   dormieworkshop.com

Indi Golf Wedges

I have said it before and I will say it again.  I carried the same brand of wedges for over 20 years in my bag.  Then I got some Indi Golf Wedges in my bag and after one practice session I changed my wedges.  Indi Golf makes high toe wedges with the most grooves in the game and while they are blade designed cast wedges they are more forgiving than any cavity back club you will ever use.  From the first swing they were easy to hit, easy to control and amazing to stop around the green.  If you are looking for that PGA Tour spin they even make some non-conforming groove wedges that will increase your spin and have your playing partners jealous of your game.  Everyone that I have let him my Indi wedges has left trying to figure out how they can get them in their bag.  Once you hit them they won’t leave your bag either!  Indigolf.com

Ace of Clubs Golf Company  Range Finder Holder

If you know me, you know I love to have all of the newest accessories in my golf bag.  Ace of Clubs Golf Company has created a new accessory that when I saw it for the first time I knew I needed to have one.  It is a holder for your Range Finder.  These leather cases hold your device and protect them in your bag.  They come in any one of the amazing leather designs that they have and can be custom engraved with just about anything on them.  Aceofclubsgolfco.com  

SkyGolf SX 500 and SX 400 GPS Unit    


Until earlier this year I was someone who would only rely on my Range Finder when getting yardages for shots.  Then I used the SkyGolf SX500 GPS device.  This changed my life forever.  Not only does this give the most accurate yardage I have ever seen in a GPS device but add ons like their green view with all of the slope in great color detail and the ability to keep and track your scores is amazing!  This device is no larger than your smart phone and has at least 72 holes worth of batter life so if you are on a golf trip and forget your charger you don’t have to worry it will be there for you!   This device is a game changer in lowering golf scores.  The device comes preloaded with so many courses that the course you play regularly has to be on there.  If you are looking to save some money you can always get the SX 400.  It is the little brother to the SX 500.  It has all the same amazing features but is just a smaller in size device.  SkyGolf.com

Big Max Blade IP Push Cart

Even if they own a push cart already they will love this upgrade.  The Blade IP Push Cart folds up very compactly and takes up so little room in the car it will save space for other things.  The Blade IP has all of the same bells and whistles that every push cart has but its compact size and easy storage make it a difference maker and a smile maker Christmas morning.  us.bigmaxgolf.com

Dash Caddie

Now if the golfer in your life has their own cart or needs more organization in their golf cart the Dash Caddie is the perfect gift.  It attaches quickly to the cart steering wheel frame and has plenty of room for your range finder, divot tool, ball marker, cell phone, glove and any other accessory you can think of.  Even if you have a cart to drive around your neighborhood the Dash Caddie is the accessory for you!  Dashcaddie.com


Dads Say So, these are my picks to see a smile on the golfer in your life’s face.   These unique items will be the hit of the holiday season.  If you need advice on any other product please feel free to message me on any of my social media accounts!  Happy Holidays!



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