Over the last couple years I have reviewed a couple different Big Max Golf Bags. I really like these bags not just because they are water proof but because of the incredible design and construction.

Earlier this year Big Max debuted their Blade IP Trolley. This push cart quickly caught my attention at the PGA Show in Orlando due to its slim fold up design.  Click Here to see my video review of the Blade IP in action.  

Now, living in Central Florida there are not a lot of opportunities for me to walk a lot. Most courses here require you to ride in a cart. This makes life a little more difficult in trying to review a push cart. I was finally able to get out and get a review on this cart and I found a ton of great benefits to it.

The first benefit you will find before you arrive to the golf course. I drive a Ford Explorer SUV. There is plenty of room in my car for my golf bag and a couple more. I usually have a cooler in the back of the car with some water and sports drinks in it. By putting a standard push cart into the back of the car there wouldn’t be enough room for everything. The Blade IP folds up to a slim design.  It is less than 5 inches wide.  Taking up less space and you can stand it up very easily. Now if you have a smaller car with a small trunk this cart will help you even more.

The next benefit is how quickly it sets up. Unfolding the cart is very easy. All you need to do is pull on the handle and folds open. Then you just close the lever and it locks in place. Put your bag on it and secure the strap in place and release the breaks and you are ready to go. It breaks down just as easily.

On the course the tires are big enough not to get stuck in the wettest of areas. It just keeps moving through the grass.

Some of the best benefits from this cart are if you travel a lot to play in tournaments and you need to walk. The cart takes up so little space in the car there is plenty of room for all of your essentials. If your traveling by air with it you don’t have to worry about its sturdy construction breaking when you check it in for your flight. This makes it the best cart out there for college teams or if you are someone who travels on the lower level tours and you need a push cart because you don’t have a caddie.

Currently you can purchase the cart on their website for $249! With the holidays coming it is a deal you can’t beat.

I am not one to usually say that if you already own something and don’t need to upgrade you should just because.  But, the Blade IP saves you enough space no matter what car you drive and delivers the same performance on the course it is something to consider.  You will not believe the difference.

Dads Say So, Big Max may not be as well known in America, YET! They make quality golf equipment and accessories that are second to none. The Blade IP Trolley is no exception. I have tested a few of these and The Blade IP sets itself apart from the rest with its slim design and ease of use it is the best push cart on the market today! If you are in the market for a new push cart and you are not ordering this one you are making a mistake you will regret every time you load up your car. Do yourself a favor and go to us.bigmaxgolf.com and order the Blade IP today. You will be happy that you did!

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