When you walk into the golf shop you are at the mercy most times of the club head and shaft combinations that they have on the rack to find and be fit for the right driver.  Finding the right driver and shaft combination is critical to maximizing distance and accuracy.

Earlier this year I got my hands on the Cobra F9 driver and 3/4 wood.  I was really excited to get these into play.  I had heard so many great things I was really excited to see how they could help my game. 

Changing out a fairway wood is like messing with voodoo.   They are so hard to get dialed in and get where you like what you see when you hit them.  I had a 3 wood that I kept in the bag for 14 years. 

I put the settings at 13.5º on the fairway wood and started hitting it.  The trajectory was amazing and the distance was 10-15 yards longer carry than the club that was in my bag.  The club came with a Fujikura attmos shaft and I found the shaft to work really well with my swing!  It went right into the bag and I saw huge gains with it.  Even out of the rough the rails on the bottom made getting the ball in the air really easy.  This was great. 

Now the driver came with the HZRDUS Smoke shaft as the stock shaft in it.  After the first few swings I was very impressed with the sound and trajectory of the club.  There was one issue.  The distance wasn’t there.  I was getting outdriven by everyone on the course.  I was finally able to get some swings on FlightScope with it and I figured out the problem.  The ball was spinning way too much and it would upshot and go higher and not longer. 

The thought was to put the HZRDUS Black shaft that I was carrying in my current gamer.  I had a back-up shaft so I went up to Dicks Sporting Goods and had them change it out.  While the ball flight came down, the spin didn’t and the distance still wasn’t there. 

I tried and tried to test different shafts on launch monitors and none of them worked.  It was really frustrating.  I was having a conversation with my good friend Bruce and we were talking about it and I jokingly said that I was going to go back to my old reliable shaft that was in the garage.  I was going to go from an X-Flex shaft to a tip stiff S-Flex shaft.  There was a little bit of sarcasm when I suggested it and Bruce told me that he thought that I was onto something with this. 

So back up to Dicks Sporting Goods I went to see if they had a shaft sleeve so I could try this out.  Kyle at Dicks is amazing and got the sleeve put on.  I actually took the driver out to the course without going to the range with it to see how it responded. The first swing I pulled it low and left so it wasn’t a good test.  Now swing number 2…it was the best ball flight I have had in a very long time.  The hole was 380 yards (I normally don’t hit driver) and I had 20 yards to the front of the green!  I hit driver the rest of the day!  I only missed 2 fairways and one of them was on a driveable par 4 that I was pin high and in the left rough. 

The driver was longer than anything I had hit in the last 12 months and was very accurate!  So what did this tell me? First thing it told me was maybe I was getting a little older and lost a couple MPH and I needed to get a little more kick in the shaft.  The second thing that it told me is how important it is to get fit for every club in your bag when you are looking for clubs.  Just because it works for your friend or someone on tour doesn’t mean that it is the right one for you.   

Dads Say So, first and foremost the F9 Driver and Fairway woods are amazing.  Added distance and accuracy that can help all of us shoot lower scores.  Finding the right shaft/club head combination is key to any club performance.  Getting fit and doing driving range or on course testing is key to getting that new driver or fairway wood and maximizing the distance we all crave.  The Cobra F9 driver fairway wood made me a better player and they can do the same for you! 

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