Walking into your local golf shop to look for golf balls can be a very overwhelming experience. There are rows and rows of golf balls to really confuse you. If you watch a lot of golf you can really get caught up in the marketing. Companies are telling you that every one of us should be playing a tour ball, and most of us don’t need to be playing one!

We all spend more time every year buying golf balls compared to anything else in our golf bag. All of us are going to get fit for our clubs.  It’s time to get fit for your golf balls. The one piece of equipment you use on ever shot.

Bridgestone has really gone to the cutting edge on developing golf balls for each and every type of player.  This will help them improve and enjoy playing the game. If you have not looked at them, there is a reason that they are making the best golf balls out there.  They have spent a lot of time testing golf balls compared to driver swing speeds.  

This year they debuted their e12 Speed and Soft balls. These two balls are for players with 2 different swing speeds.  They allow you to maximize distance and control. There were a group of us who tested them and we all came to the same conclusion. These balls are great in helping you feel like a tour player.  You may want to move back a tee box or two with the added distance and confidence.  

The e12 Soft was a great feeling ball for players with a swing speed under 105 mph looking for some more help but liking the feel and control around the greens. All of us found this ball to be very responsive off the full shots as well as easy to control around the greens. We really liked how the ball responded out of the sand. It gave all of us a feeling like we could control the ball better and giving us more confidence. 

The e12 Speed is a great distance ball designed for players with swing speeds over 105 mph.  This ball had some great results for players with a faster swing.   I personally loved the e12 Speed.  It reduced the spin off the driver for me compared to a tour ball but I found the ball to be very responsive with my irons.  This was a huge gain for me.  

One of the best points about the e12 series of balls is their price point.  At under $30 a dozen they wont break the bank like the tour ball will but they will help you feel like a tour player with added distance and control.  This is great for us dads who are spending money on daycare and diapers and don’t have the extra money to spend on those $50 a dozen balls.   

As dads, when we can’t play or as we age our swing speed slows down.  This is a great ball to keep your distances from dropping and enjoying the game. This is why it is so important to getting fit and finding the right golf ball for you.  It will also make walking into the golf shop a lot easier to find the right ball for your game!  

Dads Say So, the PGA Tour has a one ball rule in effect.  Tour Players play the same golf ball because they know how it flies and how it is going to react. Getting fit for the best ball for you is as important as a tour player.  It will allow you to be more consistent. As we all get older finding that ball that allows us to have more fun and continue to enjoy the game is important. Bridgestone has done a great job creating a golf ball for each type of player.  This allows us to improve our game or stay consistent as we lose a mile or two per hour of swing speed. To find out about the e12 series golf balls and all of the other balls that Bridgestone has to offer go to bridgestonegolf.com.

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