Back in May I was in Pinehurst for the Super Bowl of Golf.  The event was played on No. 4.  Pinehurst is a a special place for many reasons.  The history of the entire village.  The Carolina Inn.  No. 2.  Donald Ross.  The Payne Stewart Statue.  There are so many others that I could list.  

Welcome Sign!

One of the things that we were most excited about was something new at Pinehurst, The Cradle. What is The Cradle?  The Cradle is a par 3 golf course located just past the putting green, on the way to No. 5 and in front of the croquet courts.  It also runs along the railroad tracks!

Tee Markers with the yardage!

After paying your $50 in the pro shop (for unlimited golf for the day!) you head to the starter shack where you walk up with your 4 or 5 clubs and they give you a great Sunday bag to carry them in.  They even have some short wooden tees with The Cradle Logo on them and some ball markers so you don’t even need to bring those.  

One of my favorite parts of The Cradle was the relaxed feel.  From the rocks that have music coming from them throughout the course, to the fact that you could play barefoot and in a tee shirt to that fact that you can play with your entire group at once (twelvesomes are welcome!), The Cradle has it figured out.  You don’t even need to bring your range finder.  They post the yardage on every tee sign every day!  

The Pinecone

The other thing that The Cradle figured out was how to have beverage offerings on the course.  The made The Pinecone!  The pop up trailer that has everything you could ever need while you are playing.  You pass it after the 3rd hole and again going from 8 to 9.  If you are going to play all day, don’t worry, you can open a tab.

Gil Hanse designed The Cradle with the every popular Pinehurst Greens.  There are fall offs everywhere and great bunkering and undulations.  The 3rd hole even has a punch bowl green.  The views are amazing and you need to make sure you bring your camera or phone to capture the day.  

First Hole

Another great thing about The Cradle is you can get around it in an hour or so.  On top of that, if you are a beginner it is a great place to start to play as the course is short, fun and not very demanding.  

The Golf Channel has called The Cradle the best 10 acres in

View of The Clubhouse

 golf.  I am going to take this a step further and say its the best thing to help grow the game of golf since Tiger Woods turned professional!  The Cradle is the Blueprint that anyone looking to grow the game should follow!       

If you are lucky enough to make a Hole in One on The Cradle, just let the starter know.  They will give you a ball marker with the hole number on it so you will have something to remember it by.        

3rd Hole

The Train!

Dads Say So, Pinehurst has figured out the age old question of how to grow the game of golf and do it in an amazing fashion.  To be able to play all day for only $50 is amazing.  With all of the amazing golf at Pinehurst, The Cradle fits right in.  On my next trip I am going to skip the driving range and play The Cradle before we tee off.  When we get done with our round and lunch at The Duce there will be more fun back on The Cradle.  If you are lucky enough to play as a train is going by it is even a more amazing experience.  I can’t wait to go back just to play The Cradle!

Brian Teeing Off

Rhys out of the bunker


Mo playing barefoot!

Me on 7!

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