Earlier today a certain company put up a post on Instagram calling out a lot of people.  First, they called out “Social Media Influencer” saying that they look bad.  Then they called out a certain speaker company.  Indirectly AMPCADDY, a company that I have done work for.  And have another review coming.  This is the same company who took a shot at the direct to consumer golf ball market in the last two weeks.  

I want to start by saying that yes, I, Steve from TheGolfingDads, do get free products from companies to do reviews.  As do many other bloggers and social media influencers.  I have never taken any money from any company to do any review.  Staying impartial is something that I strive to do.  And yes, while last week I may have reviewed something and said it was the best, technology changes so this week there may be something better.  I have also paid for many items and rounds of golf in the reviewing process.  

While I have never taken any money, other companies lie about they money they get.  One company says that they don’t take advertising dollars but they take “donations.”  Now let help me understand this.  Are they are a non-profit organization?  Okay lets be real.  They are hiding behind the term donations so that they appear to be above board to all of their followers.  Why, if they claim to be so transparent, don’t they publish who is giving them the money?  They don’t want us to know the truth?  That golf industry manufacturers are paying them to review products.  

It’s funny that certain companies will not send them equipment.  And they will let you know who those companies are.  They will go out and buy that companies equipment and review it.  They want you to think that the money that their followers give them is going to that, but lets be real, they are using their own competitors money to buy the equipment.  So who will get the better rating?  Sure its unbiased! (I hope you saw my eye roll)  If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale.  

And now we can talk about testing methods.  In reviewing a product, sometimes I may sound like an informercial on my YouTube channel.  I am trying to tell you the good about a product and how it can help you.  Or what I really like about it.  One of the things that I will try to do in every post it tell you something that you may want to look out for.  I’m trying to give you my opinion of the product and you should do with it what you want to do.  Different products can be good for different people.  Just because it can’t help you doesn’t mean that something it does cant help your playing partner.  

I am not going to give you a bunch of numbers like spin rate, average carry distance, everyone’s handicaps and the rest of the crap that 90% of the people reading don’t understand, and don’t know how it could help them.  I would really like to know how many people reading their reviews know how much spin rate a driver should have ideally.  

Recently they put out a driver buying study.  They claim that they have over 800,000 readers monthly but yet they only got 6000 respondents?  And of that 1% were women?  Is that a true depiction of the golf community?  Sure I may have a “targeted” market in golfing dads but I try to target the every day golfer who is looking for information in purchasing decisions and give them an easy to understand breakdown of the product.  

Now lets talk about branding.  I understand and love good and bad criticism.  Sure I am going to get some of both of them when this goes up.  But I am not going to go and block someone just because they posted something negative about me.  I can always learn from the negative.  At the end of the day Mike Golic has said it before and will say it again.  You can’t read anything on social media.  If you read the bad you are the worst person in the world and if you read the good you will get too big of an ego. This company will block you if you ever say anything bad about them because they feel like they are the only answer anyone should read.   And yes I am sure I am going to get blocked for this post!

At the end of the day there are companies out there that do this for a living.  I commend them for doing that.  The rest of us are putting in 40 hour work weeks, trying to get to the course, review product, taking care of kids, typing and editing reviews, posting on social media and doing everything else we do (all while wishing we were as pretty as Paige or Taylor or as funny as The Buttsy or Idaleeeo).  And we all love every minute of it.  We do it for you the readers.  So that at the end of the day you can make an informed decision as to the best product for you.

You shouldn’t be buying golf equipment and accessories because someone else says so.  You should be buying it because its the best equipment for you.  I’m working on a review right now that I am struggling with. The driver head shaft combination isn’t right for me.  I want to make sure I have the right shaft in the club to test it.  It will give me the best results and my review will say just that.  Testing golf equipment off the rack and buying standard equipment may not be buying whats best for your game.  

Its time that everyone understands to take all of the information given and make an educated decision, not one based on “biased” testing and “untruths.”  

And in case you wanted to know, the AMPCADDY is the best pure golf speaker on the market today!  

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