We have all been there.  Looking in the spot in your cart where you normally keep your range finder and it isn’t there. Your stomach drops.  Then you remember that you put it back in the bin in the back of the cart. Relief comes back over you as you find your device.

It’s so hard to know where you put your phone, keys, wallet, range finder, GPS Unit, tees, gloves, ball markers, divot tools when you get in your cart. Now, if you had your Dash Caddie, you would find it easily.  You just need to mount it on your steering wheel bar.   It will be right in front of you when you are driving your cart.

I am sure you are wondering…Steve, what is the Dash Caddie? Well the Dash Caddie is a fishing tackle box for golf. It is a plastic box that connects with 2 quick clips.  It closes shut.  Even when I tipped the Dash Caddie over out of the cart it didn’t open up and have everything in it fall out.  No one was injured in this test.  

Now I’m sure you’re asking, why do I need a Dash Caddie? If you own your own golf cart there is no reason in the world why you wouldn’t add a Dash Caddie to it. You can leave your tees, ball markers, divot tools all in one spot and they will be there all the time. It makes your golf cart more organized and you will know where everything is. It gives you a spot to put your phone, wallet and keys in the cart so you know where they are.   When you want to change the music playing you easily can find your phone.  You can also grab that cash to give the cart girl to stay hydrated, or get an adult beverage.  

Now if you don’t own a cart you can really benefit from the Dash Caddie. The Dash Caddie fits nicely in the trunk of your car.  When you stop at bag drop or walk in from the car it’s easy to carry. It attaches really easily with a couple clips and you are ready to go. If you want a quick install, you can add the included koozie and put it right in the cup holder.  Either way, you know where your stuff is.  

One of the great benefits of the Dash Caddie is when it rains. All you have to do is close the cover and your items will stay protected. Living in Central Florida in the summer we grow accustom to just expecting it to rain. Being able to quickly attach and detach the Dash Caddie is great.  It gives you that piece of mind in keeping your stuff dry with that pop up storm.

There is no need to worry if the steering wheel column is too small.  It comes with some rubber pre cut strips that you can put in the tube to make it fit any steering wheel column.  Being so universal there is no reason not to buy one!

If you are a golf course operator and you need something for your starters, rangers, or beverage cart to hold score cards, tees, divot tools, ball markers or even the change pouch you NEED to buy a Dash Caddie today! It will help your staff do their jobs safer and more efficiently and provide a better experience for all of the golfers on the course.

Dads Say So, for only $109.99 you can have the peace of mind to know where your range finder always. If you own your own cart this is a slam dunk of a purchase, if you don’t you still can’t go wrong with taking it to and from the course to know where your items are and protect your stuff. I always have so many accessories that I am testing on the course that it is nice to know that I have a spot for all of the and all of my stuff and I won’t lose it. If you’re looking for something to hold your stuff on the course go to dashcaddie.com and order yours today!

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