There have been so many putter companies that have sprouted up that it is hard all of them.  The wedge market has been slower to develop.  While at the PGA Show I had a meeting with Indi Golf to look at their line of StingRay TT wedges.  Right away I was impressed.  Click here to see my video review of them!  

After the show I got a 54º and 58º in the mail and couldn’t wait to get them on the course.  The look was amazing.   One of the first things I liked about them was the satin finish of them.  I have NEVER been a fan of chrome wedges.  The glare on them has always bothered me.  They also make a black version if you prefer that.  The Indi Golf StingRay TT Wedges look awesome at address.  

The next thing you notice is the “high toe” look of the grooves.  They go from the heel to the toe and cover the entire face.  I was really interested in getting these out to try them to see how the ball reacted when you hit one off center.  

My first trip to the range was amazing.  I really don’t like to change wedges.  I have carried the same wedge design in my bag since high school.  Changing something that works has been difficult to think about.  After one range session I found myself more consistent.  I was even messing around with hitting shots off the toe and found them to fly true and nearly the same distance.  

I can say that I have never had such a solid feeling wedge in my hands at all ever!  From the first round with them i knew I could control the distance with them on full shots and event the shots I dialed back.  It was the best feeling wedge I have ever used and I ripped the wedges in my bag out and put them in the back up bag in the garage very quickly.  

With their scoopback design they added some weight to parts of the club that make off center hits a lot more solid.  They added some weight to the toe.  This will help those off center hits out of the toe feel more solid and stay straighter so it will fly truer.  The best part about it is that you don’t see the added toe at address so it keeps a very traditional look!

When testing wedges there is one shot that I always like to test with on the course.  It is the tight lie flop shot.  I will tell you that there was no issue pulling off the shot and in the first try with it, I lipped it out.  

The only “issue” that I found with them was the bounce in the lob wedge.  I had been using wedges with 6º of bounce for a very long time.  This lob wedge came with 10º of bounce and while it was a lot easier to hit around the greens and off of tight lies, it was a struggle out of the sand.  Once I figured out that I don’t need to open the face and “set the bounce” I had no problem at all out of the sand.  

The wedges come stock with the KBS wedge shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips.  The wedge shaft is great as it gives you enough flex to hit every shot and get the consistent response.  

Indi Golf has also done something a little different with their wedges.  They are making wedges with non conforming grooves!  Now, while I spin the ball enough with standard grooves, there are some of you out there that could use the help in spinning the ball.  While were not out there competing on the professional tours, I see no problem with adding these into your bag if they are going to help you play better and enjoy the game more.  They will help you control your shots more and have more fun bragging to your buddies about the shots your hitting. If your looking for a little help in your game and getting a solid wedge that can help this is the wedge for you.   

Dads Say So, the Indi Golf StingRay TT Wedges are some of the best wedges on the market today.  Wedges tend to be changed out more often than your irons and if you are looking at changing out wedges and are not thinking about Indi you are not serious about improving your game.  Just because your favorite tour player isn’t carrying them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be.  I am here to tell you that you will benefit from having them in your bag.  If you want to lower your scores go to and set up your set of wedges today.  


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