If you have read the blog, you know how much I love the technology in the MLA Putters.  Their alignment technology makes putting easy.  In 2019, MLA has introduced their new line of putters and they are more affordable than their previous models.  

The Target Series Putters have all of that easy alignment technology that the tour putter have but they start at $129!  Yes you read that correctly! $129!!!!

Putter prices have steadily increased over the years.  To get a putter to test that has tour proven technology for $129 is great for dad or mom looking for a new putter.  I tested the Target Defender and have to say that I was very impressed.  Click here to see it in action!

First think you quickly notice 2 things about the putter right away.  First it has a cool lime green putter cover on it that is magnetic!  Second it comes with the P2 Aware Tour Grip installed on it!  

The putter also came with a mat black shaft.  This was the first time I used a mat black shaft and have to say it did reduce the glare from the Florida sun.  I also found it to be softer than the traditional steel shaft.  This did allow me to hit the ball a little firmer.  

The Tour Series has a much fatter alignment line on it but the Target Defender has a thinner line but it is just as long and allows you to square the putter right behind the ball to the “target”line.  

The face has milled scoring lines along the insert that produces a great roll from the moment of impact.  I did find the insert face to be a little softer than the milled metal face on the Tour Series. 

In testing on the course I really loved the putter.  When you combine all of the technology and the price it is really hard to beat.  It did take a little bit to get used to the soft face for me as I do like a putter with a firmer face on it but by my second round with it I had it dialed in. 

Dads Say So, while this putter may not have the adjustable weighting that the Tour Series has, the Target Defender from MLA Golf may be the best putter on the market for the price.  There isn’t another putter out there where you can get the alignment technology that will help you lower your score and roll the ball this amazing.  This was my first time using a P2 grip and it did feel great.  If you have not tried the MLA Putters you need to put one in your bag.  They will help any player lower their score and they look and feel awesome.  Go to MLA.Golf to find out more.   

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