Way back when the blog started, one of the first posts that The Golfing Dads posted was the Putting Arch T3 Trainer.  I look back at the post and the video now and think about the beginning days and where we have been and where we are today.  

When I was at the PGA Show I had a great conversation with the guys from The Putting Arc.  We talked about their new products and how they can help you improve.  Their newest item, the T4 Putting Arc and the Alignment Mat were on display!  I got to take one with me to see how it worked.  Click here to see me using it to improve my putting!

The T3 Putting Arc is the inside set up point for putter and it allows you to rock the blade on the perfect path.  The T4 is the outside line that gives you an amazing visual and a rail system to see the putter move down the line. 

The Alignment Mat is just another great visual aid that goes right underneath the T3 and T4 to show you the path the putter should travel.  They made the mat look like real grass.  It gives you the same visual looking down at it if you are on the putting green in your living room!  I really like this from an indoor or outdoor practice aid.  Its also small enough to fit in your bag and doesn’t weight anything so you can easily keep it with you at all times.  

By using the T3 Trainer the focus was on the heel of the putter and its path.  When you add the T4 you really get that great training on the entire path of the putter.  And with the addition of the Alignment Mat you are bound to improve your putting.  

Dads Say So, one of the great things that I love about putting aids is that you can use them almost anywhere.  The Putting Arc T4 Trainer and the Alignment Mat are amazing additions to the already amazing T3 Trainer.  If you struggle with putting or you are looking to keep you putting in check in between rounds this is the training aid for you.  If you go to any PGA Tour event you will see the T3 trainer on the practice green.  The T4 will soon join it on a regular basis.  If you want to become a better putter go to theputtingarc.com and order yours today!  




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