Every golfer that I know is constantly working on their putting.  Its what we all do.  None of us will ever be Ben Crenshaw or Tiger Woods but we will try.  

We have all had a putting mat or two in our house that we practice on over and over again.  I know my kids love it when I get one of mine out because they like to “Play Golf” too.  

Recently I have been working with one particular mat that quickly became my favorite.  It is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat by OHK Sports.  

This is a nine and a half foot putting mat that has two different size holes on it.  It goes “uphill” giving you a great ball return.  You wont have to chase after the ball or have your kids play fetch for you when practicing, not that I have ever done that?

I have the mat on my wood floors in my living room and when I tell you that it is fast, were talking US Open fast.  It was great practice for me getting ready for the Super Bowl of Golf in Pinehurst.  It will roll close to a 14 on the stempmeeter with the wood under it.  This is faster than any other mat I have used.  

It is really cool that you can also control the speed by adjusting the surface you put it on.  If you put it on hardwood or your garage floor it will be faster.  If you used a thicker carpet it will slow it up a little.  This is great as it allows you to control the speed you want to practice on.  

The two holes are regulation size and a smaller, reduced cup size.   This so great because you can practice using the smaller target to work on really dialing in your putting.  

The mat has lines on it for distances.  This is great because you don’t need to guess on the distances or use a tape measure to mark the mat.  

It also has a line on it leading to the regulation size hole that you can roll the ball over.  If the ball stays on the line you are hitting solid putts rolling end over end.  The reduced cup size has 2 outside lines and an inner dotted line leading to the middle of the cup.  This is great for squaring your putter up against and making sure you are rolling the ball end over end and focusing on the smaller hole, a great way to practice hitting the center of the cup more often.  

A couple of my favorite drills to do with the Perfect Practice Putting Mat are first to set a golf ball down at each foot and practice hitting putts and working my way back.  This ladder drill will help you work on speed control from all of the points.  If you miss one you have to go back to the beginning.  For the parents out there who dont get a chance to play or practice a lot you can also 

Dads Say So, on the PGA Tour the players talk about “aim small, miss small.”  The Perfect Practice Putting Mat allows you to practice your putting and do that very thing.  The Perfect Practice Putting Mat will not only help a poor putter improve, it will help a great putter get even better.  That is one of the signs of a perfect training aid.  Even if you have a putting mat at home, you need to get the Perfect Practice Putting Mat if you are serious about improving your putting.  To order yours, go to OHKSports.com today.  

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