We have all been there.  On the driving range, or putting green, and not feeling comfortable over the club that is in our hands.  We feel like we need something different to look at to regain our confidence.  As we look around we feel hopeless in finding the answer.  Its too expensive to walk into the Pro Shop and drop the $500 they are asking for a new driver.  We head to the first tee, hoping our buddies don’t want to play the high stakes game, knowing we have no chance.  

This feeling doesn’t have to happen any more thanks to Cadi!  Cadi is the worlds first golf club vending machine.  You heard me right.  A GOLF CLUB VENDING MACHINE!  I am here to tell you this is going to revolutionize how you test and purchase golf equipment.  

If you are struggling, all you have to do is walk up to Cadi, swipe your credit or debit card and the touch screen will allow you to make your selections.  Now I am sure you are thinking, Steve, this has to be expensive right?  Well, you are wrong.  If you are out having a range session and you want to test the fancy new driver you can rent it for an hour for $10!  Heading out to play, you can rent the club for up to six hours for that same $10.  Want to keep the club for a couple days, don’t worry, its $35!  If you keep the club they will just charge your card for the balance owed! 

Cadi can hold up to 50 golf clubs so you have plenty of options.  One of the best features is that if you have rented a club you can use it and test it and then exchange it to try out another model.  So if you have paid your $10 for 6 hours and you have rented a driver from TaylorMade and you are making the turn and want to try the new Callaway, you just need to scan the club back in, return it and get that different driver to try on the back 9, at no additional charge.  This will really help you find the best club for your game!   

After swiping your card and selecting a club, the correct door will open.  When the door opens the slot that your club in is open and you get to slide your club out.  It is super easy.  

Cadi will help you get real data when you are testing a club.  It will stop you from going to the local shop and hitting a ball into a simulator where you get some great numbers that you will never reproduce on the golf course.  The settings are adjusted to make you think you are better than you are.  You get real results and you can compare the club against your own club in real conditions.  

Cadi currently will be carrying TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway and Cleveland Golf equipment.  It gives you plenty of options of clubs and they all come in various flexes so you can find one that is right for you. 

The golf industry has been slow to advance in try different things.  It has been afraid to step out of the box and and find ways to be more creative in their finding new ways to get equipment in players hands.  Cadi is revolutionary in their approach to let the consumer test equipment in an unconventional fashion and find the right club, not the right club for the store to sell you!  

If you are looking to test out Cadi or some new golf clubs, you can go to Legends at Orange Lake Resort for a couple more months.  You may see me over there doing the same thing!  

Dads Say So, Cadi was one of the most revolutionary things I saw all week at the PGA Merchandise Show.  Over the next few weeks I will be focusing on a lot of the things that came out of the PGA Show.  I had to lead this off with the one revolutionary thing that will change the way we all buy and test golf clubs.  Next time you are looking to test some new equipment or are struggling with your current set, look for Cadi.  You never know, you next driver or putter may come from Cadi and not the golf shop!  

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