In 2018, Big Max Golf Bags landed the number one product in my year end review.  One of my favorite parts about them were their adaptability.  They will keep your equipment protected in all of the elements.  

After reviewing a cart bag early in the year they sent me their Dry Lite G Stand Bag at the end of the year.  It is part of their 2019 line of golf bags. Yesterday on their Instagram account they posted their release of the bag.  

This bag is loaded with features!  First off, you cant be call the Dry Lite stand bag if you can’t keep things dry.  All of the zippers on the bag are waterproof zippers.  You don’t have to worry about anything getting wet at all in the bag.  

The bag only weights 4.18 pounds!  This is an amazing feat for a bag with this much technology in it.  Even full it doesn’t give you added pressure on your back when you carry it.  

The bag does have 7 pockets on it.   This is plenty of room for all of your necessary items on the course.  One of the pockets is a zip up cooler pocket.  This is an added bonus to have the pocket zip up as it allows you to carry more than one of your favorite on course beverages.  One of the pockets is also lined for your valuables.  

There is a soft side of Velcro circle on the top of the bag for your glove, but you probably don’t want to use that in the rain.  Next to that is a towel loop that is very easy to use.  

Big Max has included a 14 way divider on the top of the bag.  Many golfers do love the 14 way divider, however I am not one of them.  It is my preference to have a 5 way divider because I tend to have a lot more clubs than 14 in my bag if I am doing reviews.  I do understand the benefits of the 14 way divider to protect your golf clubs so it is a benefit.  Just not my preference.  

The bag does cost $199.99 which is about average price for a stand bag these days.  The bonus is if you order it, they will include a matching FREE Aqua UV Umbrella!  I found this umbrella to be great not only in the rain but in keeping you cooler and protecting you from the harmful UV Rays of the sun.  It is very large and has that vented technology associated with it.  

Dads Say So, I really like the quality and design ideas of the Big Mag golf bags.  The stand bag is no different!  The lightweight bag has all of the features of traditional stand bags.  The one thing it does better is keeping everything inside it protected from the elements.  Big Max has figured out a difference maker when choosing your golf bag.  To check out all of the Big Max offerings go to, and find the perfect bag for your game!  

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