2018 has been an interesting year in the product category at TheGolfingDads.com.  I have had a lot of great products come in to review.   This is the countdown of the Top 10 this year. 

10 Golf Beer Mug


After a round of golf on a hot day there is nothing better than an ice cold beverage in your favorite pint glass.  Why not make it Golf Bag shaped.  The Golf Beer Mug can do just that for you and more.  If you are a course and someone makes a hole in one you should have these on hand to give that lucky person.  You can give them their first beer in one that is engraved with the hole they made the 1 on.  The next time you need to pour your favorite beverage make sure its in a Golf Beer Mug.  


9 Oakley Golf Regular and Dark Prizm Lens

Living in Florida eye protection is mandatory.   Oakley has figured out how to make 2 different and amazing lenses.  Their standard Prizm lens is amazing but then they have added their Dark Prizm lens for those extra bright days!  I have had an easier job reading greens and judging distances since switching to them and with the variety of frames you can look cool on and off the golf course.  

8 Dormie Workshop Double Sided Headcovers

Traditional headcovers are becoming a thing of the past.  The Bishop Brothers at Dormie Workshop have created the Number 1 Leather Headcover Company in the world.  One of the cool things they debuted this year is their double sided headcover.  I have one that I uses as my Scramble Headcover that has “Birdie Train” on one side and “Bogey Train” on the other side.  If you have a split personality on the golf course this could be the cover for your!  Maybe a “Font 9” “Back 9” cover?  


7 Bushnell Hybrid Range Finder

With the advances in technology Bushnell has created one of the best all around range finders on the market with the Hybrid.  Being able to connect to a satellite and have the front, middle and back yardages in the palm of your hand before you hit the shot is great to make sure you have the correct distance to the flag.  Adding the app and Bluetooth function take the Hybrid to a category all of its own with the most amount of information available in any range finder.  

6 GustBuster Umbrellas

GustBuster Umbrellas are the best umbrellas on the market today.  They invented the vented technology that is indestructible.  Not only will these umbrellas keep you dry but with the variety of sizes and colors there is one for every occasion.   The injection mold handle and fiberglass shaft make the umbrella lightweight and comfortable to hold for anyone.  If you are looking for an umbrella from your favorite golf manufacturer it is likely that GustBuster made it for them!  

5 Short Par 4

Picking out clothes outside of a golf shop is difficult for most men.  Short Par 4 has taken all of the problems away.  They have their style caddies pick out your clothes and send them to you monthly.  This is really cool for someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time or just loves the feel of some new clothes monthly.  It is a really cool package to come home to.

4 Desert Fox Golf

If you follow the blog you know about my love for music and speakers on the golf course.  I have always wondered  why doesn’t someone design a cell phone holder to attach to the cart frame.  This is where Desert Fox Golf came in.  Getting their Cell Phone Holder was awesome.  It allows me to not only keep my phone in a convenient spot but it doubles as a great holder to record your swing and use it as a training aid.  You can also use it to go live on social media and not have to hold your phone.  

3 Liberty Ball Marker Divot Tools

This year was a first for me.  I was asked by my friend at Liberty Ball Markers to test a prototype of his new divot tools.  Of course I jumped at the chance.   I really love the ball markers so I knew that the divot tools would be amazing.  Boy was I was right.  I can’t decide what I like better so I keep both the ball markers and the divot tools in my pocket at all times when I’m on the course. Everyone needs a Liberty Ball Marker in their pocket.  

2 Puma Disc PWR ADAPT Golf Shoes

First off I need to say that these are the most comfortable golf shoes that I have ever worn.  The Disc tightening system make them feel like an additional sock on your foot they fit so good.  The traction on them is even better when you need to make the big swing and rip one.  Puma has made the best feeling shoe of all time and I have the NXT model to review soon and I can’t wait.  They have converted me to a Puma Golf Shoe Guy!

1 Big Max Golf Bags

Big Max Golf out of the UK has entered the US market with a bang.  Their Aqua line of bags that are completely waterproof and have a ton of space for all of your golf needs. They can be used on a bright sunny day or playing in a downpour.  They come in some great colors and even have some really cool umbrellas to match.  The lightweight bags come in cart and stand models!  If you are looking for a new bag you are in luck with an amazing manufacturer with amazing products.  

Dads Say So, congratulations to all of the companies on this list.  I take a lot of pride in reviewing these items.  This isn’t an easy list to get on.  If there are products out there that you would like to know more about let me know by sending me an email from the contact page and I will do my best to give you my take on the item.  Maybe next year it will be on the list!  

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