Since the start of the blog I have done a lot of training aid reviews.  I love partnering with my great friends at  To close out 2018 I am going to count down my favorite training aids.  You can go to and purchase all of them.  Don’t forget to put in the discount code GOLFINGDADS for an extra 10% off.  

10  Grip Secret

The Grip Secret attaches easily to your grip and forces you to put the correct pressure on the club.  This is huge when you are looking to wind up and hit one hard.  If you grip the club too tight it adds tension to the club and you will lose distance.  The Grip Secret can be used as you warm up, practice in the front yard or even on the course. With its compact size it fits easily in your golf bag too.  

9 Orange Whip Wedge

Improving your short game is the key to lowering your score.  The Orange Whip Wedge uses that great Orange Whip technology many of us have used.   But, it allows you to transfer it to hitting chip shots, nothing over 25 yards.  If you struggle with hitting chip shots thin or fat this will force you to stay smooth and hit a great shot.  If you are stuck in the snow and want to quickly get your short game in line after the thaw you need this in your bag.  

8 Eyeline Classic Putting Mirror

This made the 2017 list.  It is not only an all time favorite of mine but of tour players as well.  The Eyeline Classic Mirror sets up easily on the green.   It allows you to make sure your eyes are over the ball at address.  This is key in making or missing putts.  If you are inside or outside the golf ball you will pull or push putts just based on your address position with your “Eyeline.”


theHANGER by Watson Golf quickly attaches to your golf club any club in your bag.  You use it as you hit golf balls or just working on club position in your swing.  I really like this because of the instant feedback you get in keeping the club on plane and where it should be.  The face angle portion of theHANGER sits right in front of your hands and mirrors the club you are using so that you can visualize where face of the club is a lot easier than stopping your swing and looking all the way down the line.   theHANGER can be used with 13 clubs in your bag and is a great addition to a range session.  

6 Smart Ball by Tour Striker

You may have seen tour players using the Smart Ball on the driving range.   After messing around with it I know why.  The inflatable ball hangs from a lanyard around your neck and in between your arms.  This allows you to keep your arms working together, resulting in better contact.    Just because a tour player uses something doesn’t mean it is right for your to practice, but in the case it is.  Keep your arms together with the Smart Ball.

5 PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer and Putting Mat

This “Fan Pack” is a must have if you are going to work on speed.  The Mat rolls at a 10 on the stimp meter, about the same speed as a normal public or resort golf course.  The Pressure Putt Trainer will keep you on your toes when you practice.  If your speed is off the ball will come up short or come back to you.  This will help you dial in the correct speed when it comes to making that pressure putt to win that skin in your Sunday foursome.  

4 MISIG – Most Important Stretch In Golf

Tour Players all have a lot of time to not only practice but also work out daily.  They incorporate stretching into their daily routines because they know the importance of it.  The MISIG allows all of us to get in some great stretching in when ever you have free time. The Thera-Bands connect easily to your arm and you make a golf swing, stretching your muscles and building muscle memory.  I like to do it both right handed and left handed to make sure you are keeping your entire upper body stretched. 

3 Impact Bag

The Moment of Truth in a golf swing is impact.  We all know how difficult it is to consistently make solid contact with a little white golf ball.  Hitting a big yellow bag is a lot easier.  The Impact Bag builds confidence.  It gives you instant feedback based on the path that the bag travels as to your club face being open or closed.  My Impact Bag is never far away during a practice session.  The feeling and feedback that I get from it is second to none.  The founder of, Dr. Gary Wiren designed the impact bag and uses is regularly with his students, including US Presidents, and you should use it too.    

2 Eye Putt Pro

Coming in second is a new to 2018 training aid,  the Eye Putt Pro.  This mirror is small in size but big on game improvement.  Not only does it force you to get your eyes over the ball but it has a handy level on it to make sure your putter is flat.  This forces your posture to be correct over the ball.  This will set up the base for a perfect putting stroke.  I like to use the Eye Putt Pro right before I tee off.  It gives me that last minute check that I am in the right position over the ball right.  It is a great reminder to myself of what my body position needs to be on the course.  I use it a lot with the next item on the list…

1 Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf 

A year ago the Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf took the number one spot and this year is no different.  It is always in my bag.  It is the best training aid for me to use to make sure my face is square.   I know that I am starting the ball on the correct line.  The Navigator quickly attaches to the shaft on my putter and is easy to get in place over the alignment line.  Hovering over the ball I have a great visual as to where the ball is going to start before I pull the trigger.  I like to pick out a mark just in front of the ball that The Navigator can be lined up with and then hit my putt.  This gives me that great visual to take to the course, knowing that the blade is square to the line as I’m over a putt.  

Dads Say So, First of all congratulations to The Navigator for being the number one training aid on our site 2 years in a row.  This is a tough list to get on. The Navigator and the Eye Putt Pro can always be found in my bag, so they have to be at the top of the list.   I love training aids that can really help the average player get better and all of these fall into that category.  If you are looking to improve go see my friends at and be sure to put in GOLFINGDADS at check out for 10% off.  

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