It seems that every year or so there is a new golf ball coming out.  Like good foot soldiers we all go out and buy the newest latest brand.  Drivers are new every year and it doesn’t take long for us to put the new technology in our bag so that we can gain an extra 5 yards.  So, why don’t we upgrade our range finders?  

In 2018 we all saw a ton of new technology in distance measuring devices.  From new slope features and built in GPS that connects to your phone there is something for everyone.  I had been carrying the Bushnell V3 with Jolt and it did the job, or so I thought.  

I got the new Bushnell Hybrid and the test was on.  Click Here to see some video testing of the 2 models. 

You are probably saying, “Steve, doesn’t do comparison reviews!”  I agree with that, but when I can look at a product from the same company 

At first look the Hybrid was smaller and lighter than the V3.  There is a digital display on the Hybrid (I will get into that in detail later).  The sight glass adjustment on the V3 is a twist of the optical.  The Hybrid has an adjustment lever above the sight glass that makes for much easier adjusting as you are viewing it.

As you look into the sight glass the cross hairs are almost identical however the Hybrid gives you more information.  The Hybrid also tells you the front and back yardages on the green if the GPS is activated.   This is a huge bonus during a round.  If you are playing to a front pin and you have 145 yards to the pin and the front cover is 140 you can pick the correct club to keep the ball below the hole!  Huge bonus to be able to see that and not worry if you are trying to laser the front of the green. 

The Hybrid has the GPS capability that the V3 doesn’t.  Why is this important?  It really makes your life easier.  You know by looking at the display on the outside of the Hybrid the range of where the flag should be.  While Bushnell has the best PinSeeker technology you will not be wondering if you hit the flag or the trees behind the green.  If the flag is on the green it will need to be between the front and back yardages on the display.  Not 30 yards beyond the back yardage!  

The ultimate test is the speed and accuracy it takes to get the yardage.  The Hybrid was much faster in vibrating than the V3 was.  This is great in a round of golf to allow you to make that club choice faster.  The “JOLT” is almost instantaneous with the Hybrid.  I really like the quickness of this. 

The Hybrid has a Bluetooth connection as well to your smart phone or tablet.  This will allow you to use the app that Bushnell has created to make your round easier.  You can pull up hole by hole overviews on your device to find information on a new course.  It will also make it easier to know if you should or shouldn’t hit the “Big Dog” off the tee or if you need to position that tee shot.  

I have talked a lot about the Hybrid.  The V3 is a great device but all it is going to do is to measure how far you are.  It doesn’t do anything more.  

Dads Say So, if you have some “old” technology range finder and don’t think that you need a new one because this one measures your distance for you, you are wrong.  That new driver will help you hit the ball 5 yards further.  The new technology in the range finders will help you lower your scores.  I am not saying that you need to be able to power the SpaceX rocket with a range finder, but being able to eliminate the issues with the new technology is a huge benefit.  I do suggest Bushnell as I, and all of the people in my group, use them.  There is a lot to be said for that.   I have not tested anything else but should I find one better I’ll be sure to let you know.  

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