I have been carrying the Bushnell V3 Range Finder for a few years now.  This year there has been a lot of new technology in Range Finders so it was time to look to upgrade my device.  There are a lot of options out there with some different technology.  So, today I am going to review the upgrade to the Bushnell Hybrid Range Finder.  

The Bushnell Hybrid is an upgraded version of their older, more bulkier hybrid model.   This model has a plastic body and is much lighter than their previous models. It also has the great “Jolt” technology when you have locked onto the target.  Click Here to see it in action!  

There is a view finder just like on my V3 but there is a lot more information displayed through the site glass.  The additional information is also displayed on the outside of the device on a screen.  The screen, located on the left side of the finder allows you to download a course to the device.  It will link up to a satellite and after a minute or so the course will be loaded into the device. 

The device will show you the front middle and back yardage on the hole you are playing right on the outside of the Range Finder.  This is great because if you want to make sure you have locked on to the flag stick it has to be between one of the numbers displayed.  Bushnell put their patented Pin Seeker technology in the Hybrid.

When you look into the site glass and lock on to the target the display will give you the number to the flag.  Unlike any other previous model it will also give you front and back yardage.  In the upper left hand corner the front yardage is displayed.  The upper right hand corner has the back yardage displayed.  This is key if you are wondering what you need to carry the front edge for that flag that is just a few paces on. 

Another cool function of the Hybrid is that you can measure your shot distance after you have hit the ball.  Just hit the select button and it will start measuring.  The digital display on the outside will tell you how far the ball traveled.  This is great to see how far you are hitting the ball on the course!  

Maybe the coolest function of the Bushnell Hybrid is the ability to connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth.  Bushnell has an app that you can download that will connect to the device and you can get an overhead view of the hole you are playing to see where the trouble is and be able to make sure you know what you need to do to play the hole.  This is a great function if you are playing a course for the first time and it works just like any other GPS app on your phone.  

The range finder comes with a hard grey zip up case that has an attachment for your golf bag.  It also comes with a USB cable to charge the device with.  The Bushnell Hybrid uses the CR2 battery for the laser.  The display and satellite connection uses a charge.  This is good and bad.  The good part about it is that it doesn’t drain the pricey CR2 battery.  The bad part about it is I found in testing that you had to charge it nightly before a round of golf.  If you forget after playing the charge will not last the second day.  It did last for 36 holes in one day though!  

The charge did take about 3 hours to fully complete when plugged into a wall outlet.  That really wasn’t terrible as you can plug it in like your cell phone before you go to bed and it will be charged in the morning.  

Another thing that I found when using the device was the course updates.  I went and played a course the was redesigned a couple years ago.  The new routing wasn’t loaded into the satellite.  At that point it was just like any other range finder.  

If you are looking for a Range Finder with a slope feature you will have to pass on this one.  There is no slope feature on the Hybrid so look for one of the other Bushnell models.  Living in Central Florida I don’t have much need for the slope function.

Dads Say So, I really like the Bushnell Tour Hybrid.  The display is great on the outside.  It gives you a range so you know if you have hit the flag stick.  It is light weight and has that great Bushnell technology that they have become famous for.  If you have a range finder and are looking to upgrade or if you need one this has a lot of great bells and whistles.  It can be super helpful if you are playing in tournaments and are looking to mark up a yardage book.  The display is right there for you to mark the numbers down.   If you need a new range finder the Bushnell Hybrid’s pro’s do out weight the cons in performance.  Pick yours up today at your local golf shop or at Bushnell.com.

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