To say that all golf umbrellas are created equal is like saying that all golfers are Jack Nicklaus.  There is good and great and GustBuster umbrellas fall into the Greatest Of All Time category.  

GustBuster has been the best umbrella on the market for many years now.  You may not know it but you may have one on your bag already.  They takes their technology and manufactures many of the major manufacturers umbrellas for them.  I have carried a red Cleveland Golf Umbrella for many years now that is a GustBuster umbrella.  

GustBuster all but invented the vented umbrella technology.  Then over the years has perfected it into the strongest lasting, sturdiest and best designed umbrella that money can buy.  Having tested this around town and on the course I am here to say that if you are not using a GustBuster Umbrella you are wasting your time and money.  

First, the umbrella has a protective sleeve to cover it in your bag.  This easily removes and after you loosen the Velcro straps you hit one button and you are staying dry.  It has taken you longer to read this than it does to open the umbrella.  

Weighting only 2 lbs, there are eight different color combinations to chose from so you are certain to find  one that will match your golf bag.  They also include a fiberglass shaft and an injection molded handle.  They are lightweight and comfortable to hold while you stay dry. 

Another cool thing about GustBuster is they make multiple different models.  If you are looking for one to keep in your car they make a business professional model for you to get.  Also, if you spend a lot of time in the sun they make a reflective model that will keep you protected from the harmful UV rays. 

Dads Say So, GustBuster makes an incredible assortment of umbrellas for work and play.  I have had a version of their umbrella on my golf bag for many years now.  There isn’t a better umbrella out there.  I don’t like playing in the rain.  We have too many nice days in Orlando to want to rush out and play in the rain.  When the pop-up shower comes along it is great to know that I will be dry because I have the best umbrella on my golf bag!  If you are looking for that last minute gift this holiday season go by your local golf shop.  If you need more information go to now to find out more or order yours today!  Your clothes will thank me!    

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