A while back I was at the PGA Show and met the team from PuttOUT golf.  They make a putting training aid that allows you to perfect your putting speed.  They also have a putting mat that pairs great with the trainer so I had to get it and review it.  

I do love a great putting training aid.  Anything that will allow you to practice making those knee knocking putts in the comfort of your living room will better prepare you for that $1 skin on the course.  It also allows you to practice those putts everyone hates so you can be a little more aggressive on the longer ones, knowing you will make the come backer.  

The PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer is a folding plastic device that’s base looks just like a golf hole.  When you unfold it the clear piece of plastic is a ramp that has a hole in the middle of it.  The hole perfectly fits a golf ball.  As you putt a perfectly paced putt will come to rest in that hole.  If the putt is too soft it wont make it there.  If you are too firm the putt will go up the ramp and come back to you.   Picture that latter one as the not so fun lip out.  

The PuttOUT Putting Mat is a roll out putting mat that is nearly 8 feet in length.  There is a spot at one end for you to put the PuttOUT Trainer.  There are markings up to 6 feet.  The mat rolls at 10 on the stimpmeter.  That’s enough speed to really work on what the average player will see playing week to week.   The mat has a thick rubber bottom on it so when it rolls out it will be smooth.  This is a great feature as many of the other mats out there are thin and flimsy.  The markings on there are easy to see and help you not only line your ball up but your putter too. 

If you are wanting to work on breaking putts you can roll up a towel and put it under the mat.  It will give you a subtle enough break that you can work on those sliding footers you get on the course.    

The putting mat comes with a great carrying case.  It is big enough that you can even hold your PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer in it.  I can say that the misses likes that one.  You don’t have to leave the mat out in the living room.  It will roll it up neatly and can put it in a closet.  You will know where it is and it will be easy to roll out later.  

Dads Say So, if you are looking for something to work on your putting in the winter months this is the one for you.  The Pressure Putt trainer will have you dialed in when the snow finally melts away and you will have your stroke dialed in.  For each one of us, the mat should be about perfect.  Some of your fancier private clubs and those greens on tour may be faster.  This will still allow you to groove your stroke and you will be able to adjust to the speed.  If you are looking to improve your putting go to PuttOUT.golf.  If you are in the UK you can go to secondchance.co.UK to order yours.  I would also suggest you go see our friends at GolfTrainingAids.com and order the PuttOUT fan pack (PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer and the PuttOUT Putting Mat) today!  Make sure you put in the code GOLFINGDADS to get 10% off today.  


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