A while back Orange is the New Black was the talk of Netflix.  Today, Orange and Black are a great color combination on the new Cell Phone Holder from Desert Fox Golf.  

You’re probably wondering who is Desert Fox Golf?  Well, when I found them on social media I was too.  As I was looking at their Instagram Account I was really impressed at the cell phone holder.  

After reaching out, I shortly got one in the mail.  My first impression was great.  I couldn’t wait to get it out on the course. 

In getting it out on the course, the first thing I found with it was how easy it was to attach to the frame of the cart.  With a simple Velcro strap it that wraps around the frame you are ready to start mounting your phone.  

There are 2 screws that control the sizing of the holder.  The one on the top controls the side arms for the width of the phone.  The screw on the back will make sure the phone doesn’t slip from holder.  It takes the back plate and pushes the phone forward and secures it in the holder.  Now the phone will not come out of the holder unless you pull it out.  

I tested this (over grass of course) and shook the holder, spun it around and even tried to jolt it out and it wouldn’t budge.  As a result this was a huge plus for the holder.  Other holders we tested previously would come loose when you went over a bump on the course. 

I also really like the fact that you can take the holder and use it to position it to record your golf swing.  This can make for a great training aid if you need something to hold your phone for that.  You can leave it on the cart or you can take it off and it will hold the phone in place while you do what you need to do.  This makes the Desert Fox Golf Cell Phone Holder more versatile than any other device I have tested. 

Another cool thing that you can do with the holder is personalize it.  If you are running a tournament and want to order these as a swag bag gift Desert Fox will take their logo off the back plate and put yours on it.  This is a great give away and any player receiving this will be happy to get it. 

This is one of the few items that I have tested that I really can’t find a fault with.  Even if you don’t listen to music on the course you can use your phone as your GPS on course and it will give you a great display all the time.  

Dads Say So, if you ever pull up next to my cart on the course you will see my range finder, AMPCaddy and cell phone mounted on my cart frame.  To keep everything in arms reach and be able to do with it what you need to do on the course is key.    The Desert Fox Golf Cell Phone Holder is the best holder for any phone on the market.  It doesn’t matter the size or the case on it, the Desert Fox can handle it.  After one round it became a necessity in my bag and it should be in yours too.  For under $25 it makes a great stocking stuffer!  Order yours at desertfoxgolf.com today!  

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