All of us watch The Golf Channel enough to see all of the infomercials.  One of them caught my eye.   I thought that it would be great for all Golfing Dads to at least give a try.  Its called The Square Strike Wedge.  

The Square Strike Wedge is the length of a putter and has the same lie angel as one too.  It has 45º of loft (so a little stronger than a pitching wedge) and has a very small grip.  All of these things combined allow you to put a putting stroke on your chip shot.  Click here to see a video of it in action!

So what does this exactly mean for you?  Is this going to make you a better golfer?  If you struggle around the greens but are a great putter, then you NEED this!   We all remember back a few years ago when Tiger started his come back and struggle with chipping!  It was scary to watch.  If your short game is that bad, or worse this can help you.

The putting stroke is the simplest stroke in golf.  It should be the easiest to repeat since it has the least amount of movement.  If you can take that and bottle it up into your short game around the green and help you eliminate shots and help you lower scores.  

It is also a great idea if you are a dad like me and you don’t get to practice at all.  The short game is the first thing to go.  To give yourself and advantage, this would be a great addition to your bag.  If you struggle with thin or fat shots and want something that you will hit square most of the time this is the club for you.  

In testing, we tried it from the fairway, fringe, out of some deep Bermuda grass rough and out of the bunker.  We didn’t find any success out of the bunker.  We did find that even on those tight lies into the grain this wedge performed amazingly.  Putting it in the hands of people who struggled with certain shots we saw a significant improvement in proximity to the hole.  There was over a 10 foot improvement.  That is certain to help you lower your scores!   

Dads Say So, we all tend to think that the “As Seen On TV” products may not help us.  If you are a better player this product may not be right for you. But, if you don’t get to practice as much as you like or tend to struggle when you miss greens the Square Strike Wedge needs to be in your bag.  Andy North won multiple tour events, including a US Open and while he is getting paid to talk about The Square Strike.  I am not.  It can help you lower scores if you struggle with your short game.  This a game changer for you.  To order yours, go to!  

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