As golfers we are always looking to improve.  Sometimes that means getting the newest driver, irons or putter.  Other times it means spending time grinding on the range.  One of the most overlooked things is stretching to keep your muscles loose to add flexibility.  This will allow you to use those golf muscles correctly to hit that big drive you have been after.  

One way that you can work on stretching at home is with the the Most Important Stretch In Golf or MISIG.  The MISIG allows you to make your golf swing and stretch out your muscles.  It uses TheraBand like tubes, connected to your leading arm and their sliding pole.  As your turn the tension in the band stretches out those big muscles in your swing.  This keeps you loose and limber to make the big swing.

There are 3 different colored bands that come with the MISIG and they are all different tensions.  You need to start with the orange band.  As you stretch with that you will find your muscles getting looser and your flexibility getting better.  As that happens you switch to the blue band and then to the red band.  

One of the things that I like to do with mine is to do about 25 reps with each band.  It allows you to loosen up first.  Then you can work towards the higher tension so your muscles will work to build the strength up.  Being able to make the same move you make in the golf swing to get stronger and more limber to hit the golf ball farther will allow you to lower your scores.  Doing this in between rounds or to loosen up before you play will help that handicap come down. 

Being dads we all may not have the time to practice during the week.  The MISIG will allow you to work during the week.  Come home and spend some family time. The get a quick session in rain or shine and you golfing buddies will be asking you for strokes.  

Dads Say So, there are a lot of training aids out there that will claim that they will help you hit the ball farther.  Even some clubs will tell you they can do it too.  This one actually delivers on their promise.  Being able to work the big muscles in the golf swing and doing muscle memory with your golf swing is a great way to practice.  The MISIG retails for just under $100 but if you go to visit our friends at and put in the code GOLFINGDADS you will get a 10% discount on your purchase.  You can also find out more at  


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