This has been a really cool week for Me and The Golfing Dads. When you post gift guides it is a lot of fun to think back over the year to the different items that we have looked at or have up and coming to find the best items to share with you that I and the team here think are the best of the best.

This year was no different and as a result made sure that all of their readers saw that we included the GustBuster Umbrella in the holiday gift guide.  Click Here for the article!

Earlier this year I did some work with The Strategist for for their Father’s Day Gift Guide.  Well they reached out again for their Holiday Guide and I and/or The Golfing Dads were mentioned in 5 different products in their article.  If you have not read it, here is the article

Dads Say So, it is always an honor to see the work that we have done be recognized.  The hard work put into the testing is being read by you and others look to that same work for added information for their content.  We love to help any time we have a chance and hopefully others see it and follow us with more content going forward.  So for now, follow the page and social media accounts.  You never know what helpful thing you will see next!      

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