There are a lot of people out there that will pay over $50k for an in home simulator.  I’ll start by saying, I’m not one of those people.  If you follow the site you know that we are looking out for the normal golfer not the 1%ers of the world.  We want to find something that will work for us and you.  

This is where I am here to come to the rescue.  I have found a new simulator that comes with a weighted short club and a fob that you put into the grip that you can get on Amazon for $249!  It’s called PhiGolf.  

PhiGolf is a mobile golf simulator that you can use on the course or in your living room.  If you have a smart TV or a device to make your TV smart it can be used in your living room.  So get your Apple TV or Firestick ready to go.  It also will connect to your smartphone or tablet!  

In the different functions that you have to chose from you can pick from the driving range, closest to the pin, short game, putting or there is a golf course built in that you can play.  This is great practice in your living room!  As the days are shorter now and the cold weather is setting in you can keep your game sharp in the comfort of your own home.  

Now you are probably saying, Steve why do I need all of this?  Well, with the sensor you can add it to the partial club that comes included or…you can take it to the driving range and set it up and connect it to your own club to really get that information you are looking for that all of the pros have access to.  After “hitting” a shot either with a club or with the included indoor club, you will see the ball flight and then some other information.  First it shows you the swing path that the club traveled.  It will show you the distance, swing path (number), swing tempo, face angle, club head speed, and attack angle.  

So what does all of this do for us amateurs.  Many amateurs actually under club when hitting shots.  Just because you hit your 9 iron 150 yards once doesn’t mean you will do this all the time.  As you practice more and more with this it will give you your average distance so you know what to play to when you are on the course.  This will help you lower your scores.

Another really cool feature that PhiGolf has included is online play.    If your friends have a PhiGolf too you can get online and play them at the same time!  This is a great feature to add some competition to it!  I need to get my friends to get one so we can trash talk over this.  

Dads Say So, if you are looking to lower your scores and get some indoor practice in PhiGolf is the way to go.  You wont break the bank and you will lower your scores.  Being able to practice with PhiGolf indoors or outdoors makes this one of the best devices we have ever used.  I can use this connected to my iPad when my kids are watching cartoons on the TV and were still spending time together and they get interested in what daddy is doing and want to play.  I am going to work on my wife using it next (but I’m not holding my breath).  If you’re looking to improve your game and not break the bank go to amazon now and get PhiGolf!  


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