I know, you are all probably thinking, Steve are you changing the golf blog?  This has a jewelry company.  What does that have to do with golf?  Well, I am here to tell you that it has everything to do with golf and your golf vacation memories.  

Dune Jewelry is an experiential jewelry company.  They have some really cool designs on all of their rings, bracelets, necklaces, and, yes, golf accessories.  They are “The Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company?”  So how does that relate to golf?  None of us really want to be “in the beach.”

Well as golfers we love to have a cool vacation memory of playing golf. I went to college in a beach town, Jacksonville, FL.  One of my favorite golf vacation destinations is Myrtle Beach.  Dune Jewelry can help you bring back those memories every time you are on the course and remind you of the fun you have had on your favorite golf trips.  

Dune has the ability to make quality golf ball markers and divot repair tools to use on the course that have sand in them.  They sent me a divot tool that has sand in it from Myrtle Beach.  On top of it looking really cool on the back it had my initials engraved on it.  A really nice touch.  

Along with already having sand from many different locations you can be really creative and send Dune sand that you have gotten and make your own Divot Tool or Ball Marker.  If you are out playing your favorite course and you want a cool keep sake all you need to do is bring a zip lock bag.  Then, send it to Dune Jewelry and they will make it with the sand for you.  How cool is that?

Along with their golf line, Dune Jewelry features multiple other lines.  Golfing Dads can look for a really nice gift for the misses while browsing for their new golf accessory.  One of the really cool lines is  the  Hamptons Rope Collection, a creative collaboration with Sports Radio & Television Personality, Author and Golf Correspondent, Ann Liguori.  This collection was inspired by Liguori’s love of travel, sports and connecting with people all over the world.  Something from Dune Jewelry’s Golf Collection is the ultimate gift for that golfer on your list this year! 

Dads Say So, Dune Jewelry makes some really cool golf accessories.  As golfing dads, this is a two for one for us.   We can go to their site to order our new accessory, we can order something for the misses that she is sure to love!  You all know how much I love custom golf accessories and Dune Jewelry doesn’t fall short on that.  If you are looking for a cool memory piece, a new golf accessory or a great gift for the misses go to DuneJewelry.com today.  

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