Alright, you have all heard me talk about speaker after speaker here at The Golfing Dads.  Well my wife rolled her eyes yet again when the Tune Driver came in.  I think the exact quote was “Another speaker?” (I know that all of us married men can relate at the look and comment.)  This time, it is different.

The Tune Driver comes in 4 pieces but is super easy to assemble.  Once together it looks like a small headed driver in your golf bag.   There is even a Tune Driver Edition Tour Velvet grip on it.   It fits just like any other club in your bag. 

It easily connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth and after a quick charge using the USB connector cord you will be ready to go.  

Charging the Tune Driver was really quick.  I was nervous that if it was so quick to charge that the sound wouldn’t last very long on the course.  Boy, was I mistaken.  I started with the music on while warming up on the driving range.  Then there was a 36 hole day of golf.  I never expected it to make it to the back nine in the afternoon round but there it was going strong.  

One of the draw backs to the “Golf Speakers” is the lack of base that comes out of them.  When looking at this speaker first I was skeptical that it would have that thick, rich base sound to it.   While it doesn’t sound like you are at a Jay Z concert, the sound was very impressive.  There was a great sounding base for the size of the speaker.  The clarity was amazing and the tunes were jamming.  

There is a section of five buttons that are the controls on the toe of the Tune Driver. Power, Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up and the Bluetooth Connection are all right at your fingertips!  There are also 3 lights on the driver.  Green for power on, Red for charging and blue for the Bluetooth connection.  If it is flashing it is connecting if it is solid it is connected.  This makes this really easy to use.  

The only thing that I can find about the Tune Driver that is a draw back for me is the lack of Dormie Workshop Headcover for it.  I may need to check and see if my friends there can make one for me to match the rest of the covers on my bag.  

Dads Say So, we love music on the golf course.  The Tune Driver gives us what we want in sound quality and base and doesn’t take up any more space.  It fits nicely in your golf bag and belts out the tunes as you drive or walk down the fairways.  The Tune Driver retails for $110.00 on their website but when you go to there is a pop up for 10% off.  That is under $100 for a great speaker.  This will make a great addition to any bag so if you are looking for a great gift idea look no further.  If you see me on the course, I will be listening to my Tune Driver and you should be listening to yours too!  

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