There are people out there that will pay up to $25,000 for a custom golf club fitting experience!  For normal people, that number just seems astronomical.  The companies that charge this will make a lot of promises, but will that price lower your scores enough to justify the ROI on it?  Probably not.  A while back, Matt one of the contributing editors of The Golfing Dads, came across Smash Factor Golf on Instagram.  They have a custom fitting process for golf clubs that will cost you about $1500!  Just in case you were wondering that is 6% of the competitors price.  

So what is included for this process.  That is the amazing part.  From start to finish it is going to take longer than going into your local golf shop to buy something off the rack.  When they are done, you know what your are getting will be the right clubs for you.

First there is an online form that you need to fill out.  There is a lot of information on there that needs to be filled out.  There are the usual questions like height, age,  glove size, shot shape, trajectory, and your current brand.  They also ask some interesting questions like; wrist to floor measurement, index finger to floor measurement, and the length of your wrist to the tip of your index finger.  

They are also concerned about the current state of your game.  Questions like current handicap, mishit shot tendency, and how far you hit certain clubs now.  This will give them a great starting point as to the fitting process.  

Then they look at where you want to take your game.  Questions like you handicap goals and what would help you enjoy the game more are on the list.  

After answering all of the questions their Award Winning Master Club Fitter, David Bass, has a ton of information to work with.  But he isn’t done collecting data from you.  

Next, you need to go to the range and take 6 range balls.  Get your Sharpie and draw a circle with a line down the middle of it on all of the golf balls.  Then you position that circle at your impact point and record yourself hitting the golf balls.  You need to show the impact point on the club face in each video.  You need to do this for 5 of the golf balls.

The final golf ball you will need to get a video head on.  You need to show a close up of your grip and your body movement head on.  After you get these videos you need to email them to David and that is when the magic happens. 

The next day David called me to talk about my swing and the fitting process.  We talked about the type of shaft I was looking for. Also, what I was trying to achieve with the new clubs.   He said that he would be working on a video of some changes for me.  

The next day he texted me a video with some swing changes that I could make to become more consistent.  Click here for the video.  

He then went to work on my irons.  We decided on the 5-7 irons being 1º upright and the 8 iron to Lob Wedge to be standard.    If you go to a golf shop and the fit you it will be the same loft and lie through the bag.  That may not be what is best for you. 

David also put the Nippon N.S. Tour 130 shaft in the irons to try to get some more tempo in my swing.  About a week later they were waiting at the front door.

Included in the box was a great note from Robert Kraft, The Smash Factor Founder, and a list of what was done to each club.  They also included some impact stickers so when I am practicing with them I know where my impact point is.  It is a great touch.  It allows me to get that feedback with my new irons.  

This fitting process is great.  Getting custom fit clubs designed for the benefits of my swing are going to make me a better player.  If you have never been fit, or been to the local golf shop to be “cookie cutter” fit you really need to look at the experience of being fit for each one of your clubs.  Smash Factor easily does that with a new technology, hands on fitting approach.  

Dads Say So, with technology there are a lot of ways to fit someone for golf clubs now.  Sure you can pay up to that $25000 I talked about earlier but are you getting the ROI for your money and how many of us will spend that kind of money for golf clubs?  Smash Factor Golf has figured out a way to take the custom fitting process to the next level so that each and every one of us can get the best fitting clubs to maximize our games and lower our scores.  The team at Smash Factor has over 200 years combined in the golf industry fitting some of the best players out there and now they are passing on that knowledge and information to you.   We will be using these irons for a few rounds and a couple practice sessions and will have a results review coming out soon.  If you are interesting the Smash Factor Fitting Process (and you NEED to be) go to today and order your set.  





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