To say that all golf shoes are created equal is like saying that every Sci-Fi movie is Star Wars.  There are some that are just a cut above the others.  Recently we found the Tomo Volume 1 Golf Shoes on line and are here to tell you that these shoes are in a league of their own. 

If you go to you will see that they call themselves the “The Golf Shoe of Tomorrow.”  If this is the future of golf shoes I am really excited.  These shoes weigh 9.8 ounces!  It is almost like you are not wearing shoes at all they are so lite.  If you walk a lot these are the shoes for you.  They help on your back and will keep you fresh through the entire round.  If you ride in a cart, they are still great because they feel so amazing!  

With the knit upper portion of  the shoe you will find that the shoes wrap around your foot for more of a custom fit.  They also contain 30-50% more cushion in the insoles so it gives you more of a cloud like feeling.  There is also a memory foam feeling to the shoes with their “unique” material that doesn’t get warm like memory foam does.  

What does this mean for you?  Well, I have tested these shoes under the most random of conditions.  Living in Central Florida affords me the chance to do some things that others can‘t.  Sure I wore them on the golf course and then to the restaurant after.  Driving with them on was no different than sneakers so there was no issue there.  I even got a compliment at the restaurant.   If you are trying to hit one 300 yards or pay off that after round bet, they look and feel great.  

Next, I had to put them through the ringer.  I wore them to Topgolf for a night out and some testing.  The responded great.   Going up and down the stairs, on the mat hitting balls or sitting in a bar chair sipping on a beverage.  

Finally, I took my kids to one of the Disney Parks here so see how my feet felt walking on the concrete with them.  After walking around the theme park all day my feet were not sore and I felt great.  No pain in my legs and I felt fresh, even chasing around a 4 year old and 2 year old!  This was the final test!  After this I knew that these shoes were a legitimate contender!  

During testing, I found only one drawback from the shoes.  I wouldn’t suggest wearing them on a day that is cart path only due to rain or if you are playing in the rain.  The shoes are water resistant but they are not water proof.  They can be worn with the morning dew on the ground.  If there is much more than that and you will have some wet socks to deal with for 18 holes.  

Dads Say So, like most golf equipment has risen in price, golf shoes have been no exception.  To think about the after price of shoes at your local golf shop being north of $150 is crazy!  Tomo Golf makes some amazing comfortable shoes at under $90 a pair!  Yes, you read that correct.  All of this comfort on and off the course at an incredible price.  The only question I have is, if you have not gone to yet to order your Volume 1’s, what are you waiting for?  Go and order your “Golf Shoe of Tomorrow” today!

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